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“My husband and I had just had a baby and were in the middle of escrow with a large company recommended to first time homebuyers by the state of CA. Then the loan officer ghosted us after promising the Sun, Moon and the stars aka closing on time to appease the seller. After multiple messages and calls to the loan

Over the last 30 years of doing business, many of my power partners that include Realtors, Financial Planners, Tax Planners and Divorce Attorney’s (& past clients) have said many nice things about how we run our business.  This includes:

  • Great follow-up
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Ownership of the loan from start to finish
  • Great communication to all parties involved

Not All Preapprovals are Created Equal…
Some lenders provide great rates but lack service. Some lenders provide great service but lack good rates. At 101 Loan, we Provide Both!  In fact today our Jumbo 30 Year fixed is at 7.125% at 0 Points on Loans Over 750k in loan amount. (Assumes 25% down with a 780 mid fico score with

So many renters and potential buyers think they need to have 20% down to qualify for a home purchase or a credit score of 740+ to buy!
Below you will find 4 programs where 20% down is not required nor high credit scores…
VA LOANS by the Veterans Administration:

  • No Down Payment Required
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • No Private Mortgage Insurance

In 2022, real estate hit an all time high in terms of prices at which time I personally decided to sell my home as I thought real estate would be taking a nose dive due to rising interest rates.  Part of decision was taking advantage of the strong real estate market but also the fact that I wanted to downsize

The following is a list of seminars we teach to Consumers and Business Professionals that include Realtors, Financial Planners, Tax Planners and Estate Planners…
If your interested in any of these, please let us know.
Seminars for Consumers…

  • The Path to Successful Home Ownership (Great for 1st Time Home Buyers)
  • Creating Passive Income Through Investment Property (Great for Diversification and

I have been practicing residential financing for over 30 years and commercial financing for over 20 years and have provided commercial financing on Multifamily (Apartments), Office, Retail, Medical (Dental and Doctor Offices) and Light Industrial properties (data storage units and auto dealerships).
During that time, I have witnessed that residential interest rates were always lower than commercial rates until the

Housing inventory remains very low in the Bay Area.  Even though interest rates remain high due to inflationary fears from the Fed’s, the higher cost of financing isn’t slowing the market down. 
In Santa Clara County, there are approximately 930 properties for sale (consisting of homes, town house and condos (as of July 2023)) with a median days on the