Commercial Real Estate

Navigating office leasing in the post-COVID-19 world requires a new paradigm in strategizing. It’s not merely about square footage and lease terms; it requires a deeper understanding of the tenant’s business culture, ambitions, and evolving needs. As SIOR office tenant representatives guide their clients through this journey, they must go beyond the tangible and delve into nuanced layers of organizational

  • Who represents whom?
  • Always get your disclosure notice
  • Written rep agreement
  • Work with an exclusive agent
  • Let your advisor speak for you

Several recent topics in the news discussed:

  • Smaller leases shape office demand in the DFW area
  • Commercial property debt due to mature in 2024 totals $929B, up 40% from earlier estimates
  • Hopes of lower interest rates fade as inflation comes in higher than expected
  • As Ozempic slims waistlines, it’s beefy up on CRE
  • Downtown Dallas office tower sells for $8M

“It’s not the market I care about, it’s the deal.”

Last week, I was in the office of a Billionaire real estate investor, who was discussing all of the deals he has in progress. He’s currently acquiring hundreds of millions of dollars of NYC real estate through purchasing distressed debt, partnership buyouts, recapitalizations, and outright building sales.

New York has