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This past week, a major West Coast shopping center developer told me, “Value doesn’t always mean cheaper.” He went on to explain that this principle applies broadly to many financial sectors, but has special relevance for retail real estate. At the heart of the matter, a triple-A retail location has value that transcends traditional investment metrics. Properties at these prime

“Following record-breaking commercial sales production in Q2, deal volume returned to more typical levels in Q3, as interest rate hikes began to create pricing friction in the South Coast market. Nevertheless, 2022 is already a banner year for sales.”

Some Q3 Highlights:

  • Commercial sales activity decelerated in Q3, but is still on pace for record transactions and dollar volume for

October 2022

“I am waiting for the market to crash to find great deals.” – NYC Retail Property Buyers

“Someday never comes.” — Creedence Clearwater Revival

I’ve been a retail real estate broker in NYC since February 4th, 2001, through multiple downturns, upturns, and side turns, and each one has been different. Through it all, I have heard the first

How many of us are tough on ourselves, constantly focused on what we miss or where we fall short. Perhaps it is healthy for us to forgive ourselves a bit, to be aware of how demanding we are- not fight it, but with awareness take away some of the self-inflicted and corrosive sting to ourselves? Each of us is doing

PacBiz Times: As working from home becomes the new norm, big companies look to sublease surplus space

In this article Liam Murphy, CCIM shares sublease insights with Pacific Coast Business Times‘ reporter Brooke Holland.

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“As we observed in our last report, both investor and owner-user purchases have been on the rise, but investor activity has grown at a higher rate.”

Some Q2 Highlights:

  • Record year-to-date sales volume continued the trend from late 2021, led by a pronounced return of investors.
  • The heavy sales activity spanned all property types (expect commercial land) and locations throughout

Liam Murphy of Hayes Commercial Group answers one of the most pertinent Covid-related questions: Who is returning to the office?

In this video Liam talks about which office users are working in-person and the questions you should be thinking about when considering your space needs.

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