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Pricing guidance remains a moving target for all asset classes all over the country. And for good reason, transaction volumes are down across the board. The headline YoY is a 63% decline, therefore, if there are less transaction, there are less comparable comps to gauge pricing. New York City is the same but different. The number of retail property sales

The time has come to face this head-on, and I am not referring to your dentist appointment. The ULA transfer bill, better known as the “Mansion Tax” is here, and it will begin taking effect on April 1, 2023, on all sales exceeding 5 million dollars in Los Angeles City. What makes this transfer bill different from other bills? Grab

“Covid was the greatest stress-test ever for retail,” is what the CEO of a national shopping center ownership group told me earlier this month. That CEO, like nearly everyone else I speak to, is bullish on retail. He recently convinced his board of directors to increase the company’s spending budget for the remainder of the year from $1B to $1.2B.

Two weeks ago, I had a conversation with an investor who owns and operates over two hundred shopping centers in twenty-five states from Florida to Alaska, and who is looking to place a pretty hefty investment into New York City Retail. He shared a sentiment that I’ve been hearing a lot lately, which is that the biggest obstacle in today’s

In early March, I sat down with a landlord in a diner in Borough Park, Brooklyn to discuss options for his retail buildings in the area. As we drilled down on the possibilities, he paused and said to me, “Trever, there is a saying in Yiddish which goes, ‘When the Ashkenazi sell, they regret it. And when the Persians buy,

Early this month, an 87-year-old New York City retail landlord told me that,“Buying into the Dollar is just investing into a belief system.” Making the case for why he’s still buying retail properties, he added, “With retail, I am buying into New York’s population, compounded by appreciation.” Contrary to ageist stereotypes, he is well versed in Omni-Channel retailing, and keenly

You found the ideal place that will help your nonprofit program flourish and grow. Taking a mission-based approach to making significant decisions on whether to buy commercial real estate or initiate major renovations creates a competitive challenge as to what is possible. Then add a rising interest rate environment. Before making these major decisions, the nonprofit must truly understand its

Commercial sales are exceeding expectations.

“To place this era of unprecedented sales in historical context, the graph…shows South Coast sales volume has followed a stair-stepping growth pattern with three distinct phases, starting with the “great recession” 15 years ago. The recessionary phase lasted through 2011and was followed by a seven-year stretch averaging $315 million of non-hotel volume. 2022 was the