In this episode, Steve Fretzin and Lindsey Markus discuss:

  • Putting yourself out there to build your brand, network, and show yourself as an authority in your space. 
  • Adding value through connections. 
  • Why Lindsey created a publication house to publish her book. 
  • Overcoming challenges of business development as a woman. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Just say yes. Be willing to meet with

135 Wealth Beyond Your Startups with Marcel Pfister Marcel is Wealth Advisor at Farther, where he advises startup founders and early-stage employees on holistic wealth management solutions. He enjoys being part of his clients’ wealth-creation journey, from starting a business to navigating a potential exit, as well as strategizing the best and most efficient ways …
135 Wealth Beyond Your

3 Simple Steps You Can Take to Improve Website Security
Your website’s security is vital to your company. If you leave even one small door open for hackers, your entire company could be compromised. Your customers could have their data, including credit card numbers, stolen. You could lose proprietary information or have your website taken down from the inside out.

“Adapt or die” is the universal guide to business survival
The COVID-19 pandemic made that even clearer, as organizations that quickly shifted operations to meet a pandemic-changed world not only survived but even thrived. The key for these businesses was leadership with the courage to make innovation a priority.

Innovation is a word that opens doors to change. The definition

Who Keeps Insurance Companies Honest? | Ken Levinson | Show 70

Audio Podcast

Who Keeps Insurance Companies Honest? | Ken Levinson | Show 70
by Dave Lorenzo

We need attorneys like Ken Levinson to make sure insurance companies do what they are supposed to do. Ken represents victims of the negligence of others. Join Dave Lorenzo as he interviews

Oldest children around the world often bond over a specific shared memory. 
The parents are gone, they’re in charge, and their younger siblings sneak off to the basement to watch the new, scary movie that just dropped. The normally responsible older sibling doesn’t notice because everyone is quiet and they have some very important things to do.
But after it’s