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How To Update WordPress Plugins Manually
Most WordPress websites are enhanced by a network of plugins, continuously developed by a hoard of dedicated open-source developers.
If you’re in the driver’s seat of your company’s website, you might be faced with a glaring red icon next to “Updates”.
Updating plugins on WordPress is easy enough. For the most part, you can

Automated Website Backups
What happens when your site or eCommerce store crashes, and you lose all website data?
In scenario A, everything you have built is lost. You have to start from scratch with your website and SEO, get new clients, and waste so much time and money just to get back to normal.
In scenario B, the only thing

Please join us in welcoming our newest Exit Engineer ®, Michael Sherlock. Michael began his career in mutual and hedge fund accounting before joining an international property and casualty insurance company where he worked in the finance department. He then went on to work at a private equity firm, followed by a life insurance company on the East Coast before

There are no more complex business challenges than selling a business. The final transaction process is a culmination of deep due diligence, back-and-forth negotiation, and legalese like you’ve never seen. Yet, somehow, the transaction itself is not the most challenging aspect of the sale. It might not even rank in the top five. Completing the transaction is relatively straightforward compared