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We’re excited to announce that our CEO, Andrea Steinbrenner, has been invited to join the Leadership Council for the National Small Business Association (NSBA). As one of only 5 advocates in California to be voted in by current members of the NSBA Leadership Council, we are so honored to have Andrea recognized and to be able to contribute to the

Undeniably, exiting a family business can be one of the most difficult transitions to deal with. Family politics, emotions and personalities all intertwine with business logistics. After finalizing the transaction for a non-family business, the buyer and seller often never talk to each other again. Not so in family businesses. Under these circumstances, most business owners envision their business…

In the dynamic world of nonprofits, where purpose and impact drive every endeavor, managing restricted funding can sometimes be a labyrinthine challenge. Join us as we delve into the intricate landscape of tracking and reporting restricted funding, unraveling complexities and revealing strategies for a streamlined process.

Understanding Restricted Funding

At its core, restricted funding denotes a scenario where a benevolent

In this episode of Ask a CFO, James Vanreusel, founder and CEO at Vanreusel Ventures, delves into a question that plagues many startups and nonprofits in their early stages: How can they extend their runway without dilution or raising another round of funding? James outlines three insightful strategies to achieve this goal, offering valuable advice for founders and leaders seeking

Is your business growing at a rapid pace? That growth is a testament to your leadership, relationships, work ethic, and fearlessness. At this juncture, it might be hard to imagine eventually exiting your business since it may feel like you are getting started, or just starting to find scale and efficiency. However, exit planning is essential during all lifecycles of

Entrepreneurship sparks introspective questions daily. One that may change your perspective of your business is whether your company is owner-operated or professionally led. In other words, are you running the company with your bare hands daily, or is the company running on the experience and skills of others while you lead the overall trajectory? Here’s the upside, and how to

In under 30 days, Forward Vision transformed client site performance and project visibility with State Creative.
Forward Vision is a full-service marketing agency for leading tech companies.
Because generic agencies often fail to understand this market, Forward Vision’s deep experience in the technology sector sets them apart as a specialized growth partner.
Led by Kelly Stark and Dyanne Williamson, the

The Importance of Hiring a Strategic CFO and Building a Strong Finance Team

When companies face financial and accounting challenges, the typical response is to hire a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to resolve these issues. However, simply bringing in a CFO does not guarantee the automatic resolution of all financial problems. In many cases, the problems persist because the CFO

Sun Pacific turned its outdated websites into competitive marketing tools with StateWP’s all-in-one dashboard, Proto.
In 1969, Berne Evans bought an orange grove in the San Joaquin Valley. Almost fifty years later, Sun Pacific is an industry-leading grower and shipper of citrus fruits.
Sun Pacific’s impressive legacy includes beloved fruit brands like Cuties and Mighties. They’re trusted names not only