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Your business is running smoothly, but is it running scalably? If you intend to eventually sell the business and exit with a livable sum, think beyond what works right now. Buyers today want modern businesses that use the latest technology to drive efficiency. Good may not be good enough to sell your business. Aim for great. Fix what’s not broken.

Exiting your business is a life milestone, experience, and transition all at once. If you’re selling the business, the transaction brings ups, downs, twists, and turns that will throw you for a loop no matter how calm and confident you may be. Many professionals will be involved, including attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, business advisors, and brokers. They will ask many

SEO Maintenance Cost: How Much Should You Budget?
Finding a standard SEO maintenance cost seems pretty much impossible.
They’re all over the place, and everyone is trying to convince you that their model is the right one.
Cheap companies say don’t overpay, expensive companies say don’t cheap out.
Meanwhile, anyone who knows the first thing about business advises companies not

In a scary electronic world dominated by ransomware, malware, and spam, an often overlooked threat is business email compromise. For those who need a quick reminder, business email compromise happens when a bad threat actor monitors an email account, or a hacker, over time, socially engineers a person into sending money somewhere they shouldn’t.Recently, a close friend was an unwitting

How Do I Create a Website for My Nonprofit Organization?
The foundation of a charity’s online presence is its website.
You know that. It’s why you googled something like “how do I create a website for my nonprofit organization?” (we know you did – you’re here, aren’t you?).
Your website is the landing page for all your digital activities. It

Everything You Need to Know About SSL Certificates and Why You Need One
If you’ve looked into website security, you may have come across the term “SSL certificate.” This isn’t any type of certification you have to get, nor is it an actual paper certificate you can frame and hang in the office. Instead, it’s a particular type of website