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Chicago, Illinois -September 20, 2023 – Scalesology a leading service provider of data analytics, software development and information security services announces the opening of two new regional offices. Scalesology will be opening an office in the areas of Atlanta, Georgia and Denver, Colorado. “This expansion represents a significant milestone in on ongoing commitment to better serve our clients in the

In today’s data-driven world, collecting the right data for analysis is a fundamental step towards making informed decisions and gaining a competitive advantage. As businesses strive to understand their customers, optimize operations, and drive growth, the quality and relevance of the data they collect plays a crucial role in determining their success. By implementing effective data collection strategies, organizations can

Today businesses use geospatial data to choose the right location to add stores, optimize supply and distribution routes, segment and target specific customers, analytic consumption patterns and much more. Bottom line, leveraging map layers to collaborate two sets of geospatial data can maximize your businesses efficiency in visualizing the proximity and clustering of your data.

Building upon our article Choosing

The development of Large Language Models (LLMs), like ChatGPT from OpenAI, has become a game changer across many domains and practices. However, to effectively harness their full potential and avoid unintended consequences, businesses need experience in data analysis techniques and problem-solving approaches. This blog article provides insights into embracing the emerging LLMs capabilities effectively.

Though chatbot applications tend to

In our last security information blog article about minimizing information security risks, we discussed ways of putting your organization in the best place to increase productivity by not wasting time and resources on threats. Now we are going to continue our discussion by discussing controls.

The first category of controls in any information security program should be the Governance, Risk,

Finding credible ways to rapidly build a full-stack application that securely stores user information is important for companies that are expanding their customer base. The integration with providers such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon allows for simple user authentication through their platforms. Amplify is a service that makes it easy for front-end web and mobile developers to build full-stack applications

Using DevOps for security Infrastructure: DevOps has been all the rage lately, and for good reason: it allows an organization to provide a more consistent environment for development, test, and production, decreasing configuration errors, all while reducing development time. Another name given to this technique is “Infrastructure as code”. This is generally good for security, as many technical attacks exploit

With over two decades of working with clients to maximize their use of data to gain business insights, I have found that there is a common Business Data and Analytics Journey they embark on. The journey involves understanding where they are currently within that cycle and where they want to go to maximize their effectiveness using data to enhance their