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Unless you are an IT or cybersecurity techie like me, you may be afraid of new technology. I recently spoke with Catherine Sanders Reach, director for the Center for Practice Management at the North Carolina Bar Association, about the pain points for attorneys when instituting new cybersecurity technology.
CP: Cyberattacks on law firms of all sizes have been well-documented. Why do

“Are you encrypting your hard drives, are you encrypting your servers, are you encrypting your data in transit and in storage? the answer should be yes,” Catherine Sanders Reach, Director of the NCBA Center for Practice Management told me recently.
She had just published an article in the NCBA From the Center blog about encryption. In our conversation, we touched

What will happen to my Ethereum after Ethereum’s Merge? Blockchain Solutions and use cases – Zero Trust Solutions – PTG-Podcast-September-7-2022Visit for the latest in Cybersecurity and Training.NO INVESTMENT ADVICEThe Content is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Nothing contained on our

I speak to students at NCCU School of Law every semester about cybersecurity for their practices. I start with the supposition that they will be starting a solo practice. They will be using a new or relatively new computer and new law practice management software. I also assume they don’t know a lot about cybersecurity.
I tell law students that

Just a few weeks ago, we asked how many more patch Tuesdays we had left before pieces of the cookie began to crumble a bit. Microsoft answered the question by issuing an out-of-band update when one of their patches recently failed, and left users unable to authenticate.

For this specific situation, you must manually download the out-of-band update. You can

Hackers have no shame.Any opportunity they think they can exploit will be exploited.That includes a global pandemic that has taken the lives of millions of people around the world.  The death and destruction are of no consequence to these bad actors and with millions of workers working remotely, hackers have a field day.Did your business go remote to stay afloat? 

***In order to get the breaking cyber news to you guys FAST we are posting these right after the live broadcast! If you prefer your news more filtered, keep an eye out for the edited posting tomorrow!***With everything going on on the internet, navigating the digital waters of the internet with your children can be a real challenge. You want

Being Human is hard, because no one gave us a handbook. How to process emotions, how to tap-in to Potential, how to have a BulletproofPC? We don’t really understand ourselves as a species, and certainly don’t understand how our perspective frames our viewpoint…and how our viewpoint presents our experience.Take this idea, and apply it to the Internet. When we transmitted the