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Your Business Reputation and/or Production Efficiency

An employee’s detrimental behavior can have a lasting pernicious effect on your business’ reputation and/or production efficiency.

Employee Misconduct may include some of the following:

Purposely deleting, altering, or attempting to hide important documents and information.

Consistently late to work and/or meetings.

Intentionally destroying company hardware and property.

Brokering corporate confidential information to rival

In its January 30, 2024, decision in Park v. Kim, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit responded to an attorney who submitted a reply brief in the appeal that cited a nonexistent case that, as it turns out, the attorney obtained through ChatGPT.

The Court informed Counsel it could not locate the case and requested she

The days of relying on expensive, enterprise-focused software to manage your business’s admin and service accounts are over. Easy password management is here.

At Symmetric IT Group, we include Privileged Access Management software in our cybersecurity suite to protect your business’ accounts and sensitive data using tools designed for a growing business’ needs.  

Our easy password management cybersecurity tool keeps your

Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) are incredibly important elements of any successful business, as without them, you’re just one disaster away from a world-shattering wake-up call. We take a strategic approach to data backup and disaster recovery that considers your daily data backup needs while recognizing its long-term benefits. Let’s discuss how you can ensure that your business can use

What To Know About Cybersecurity Insurance The cybersecurity insurance sector is in the midst of significant transformation. Escalating premiums, shifting prerequisites, and inconsistent standards within the industry present formidable hurdles for organizations seeking coverage. Now is a critical moment for these organizations to gain insight into the evolving landscape of cyber insurance and ascertain the […]
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Is your business prepared to defend against the intensifying cyberthreats targeting Microsoft 365? With AI amplifying the speed, volume, and convincingness of cyberattacks, prioritizing cybersecurity has never been more important. In the third episode of the TechPulse Executive Chat series, the TechMD leadership team highlights the ever-evolving cybersecurity challenges for business leaders and the essential measures needed to keep your valuable

One of the most important considerations that a business that relies on technology needs to make is how efficiently its technology works. Let’s discuss some ways to measure this benchmark and ensure that it is optimized to meet your business needs.

First, let’s establish how efficiency is defined when used in this context.
IT Efficiency Measures How Well a Business’

With communication rising to the top of many businesses’ priorities list, it’s no wonder that Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is one of the most powerful ways to revitalize your company’s communications infrastructure. If you’re still using your old traditional telephony solution, buckle up because you’re about to find out how to ditch it for good.

VoIP uses your

Whether you know how it works or not, your business has an internal network that connects all of its computing infrastructure and resources. Today, we want to take a moment to demystify some of the common networking equipment you might have on-premises and what it all does to contribute to your business’ continued success.

Networking Equipment You’ll Likely See for