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The increasing popularity of cryptocurrency is creating an enticing opportunity for people to hide money and assets offshore, before the calculation of the equitable distribution of assets in a divorce, when a bankruptcy trustee is looking for hidden assets and non-disclosures or when restitution is required from a defendant in any number of civil or criminal proceedings.
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Building a relationship with your Managed Services Provider (MSP) might be one of the most important partnerships you build as an organization, so it’s natural to have questions about what the overall relationship should look like.

Think about it: This partner has access to all your applications and systems. They help guide you to make technology investments for your business.

Passwords are the root cause of over 95% of data breaches. Just addressing password problems will go a long way toward providing your firm with a level of cybersecurity.
One of the newer security protocols to alleviate the need for passwords is FIDO which stands for Fast IDentity Online. It’s a set of authentication standards aimed at strengthening the user