Title: The Nine Problem-Solving Strengths of Teammates
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Description: Come prepared to turn on your video and engage with participants in this interactive workshop in which we explore the nine problem-solving strengths of ourselves and our teammates. One of the biggest challenges a project manager faces is matching the best teammates for each assignment. The Enneagram is

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At work, trust is often framed as a simple question: will this person do their job as is expected of them? “I trust Ari to track his hours accurately,” or “I trust Melinda to do her part of the group assignment.”

This definition of trust is purely transactional: I’ll do my job if you do yours. But in teams where

Each Enneagram type brings a distinct flavor to creativity.  Professional illustrator James Yamasaki shares how he came up with the ideas for the number illustrations in the book Teamwork 9.0.  I wanted Jimmy to imbue meaning into the numbers while avoiding any stereotypical associations with human styles often portrayed in Enneagram type illustrations of people.   Jimmy did a masterful job,

Author: Farlyn Lucas
Workplace culture has a significant effect on how well we do our work and go about each day. A toxic work environment can negatively impact overall team morale, productivity, and work quality. What “toxic” means, in this case, varies. It can be managerial drama, micromanagement, dishonesty, backhanded comments, or even more, and it is not exclusive to

Part 2

We’re all still dealing with, 18 months and counting, of the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused havoc in the business world that still continues. This makes identifying and addressing employee stress and burnout more important than ever. A 2018 study on workplace stress by Duke University found that stress was responsible for over 70% of workplace accidents, 50 percent

Part 1 of a two-part series

Stress can enter our lives silently, affecting our outlook, attitude and decision-making before we stand up and take notice. We’re all vulnerable to stress from different areas in their lives. And while stress doesn’t usually respect work-life boundaries, it can make every work day feel like a marathon.
It’s true that stress can help