With the recent downturn in productivity across corporate America and the significant increase in remote work, Host Andrew Bartolotta sits down with Jim Gitney, CEO of Group50 Consulting and author of Strategy Realized – The Business Hierarchy of Needs, where Jim discusses ways to significantly increase employee engagement in the development and implementation of business strategy through his patented framework. Jim has … Continue reading Podcast: Applying

Promoting a positive work culture and psychological safety as a crucial part of employee well-being and productivity – that’s why it’s at the top of our minds. How about yours? Part of creating a safe workplace environment involves encouraging employees to prioritize safety on the job – and it could include psychological safety too! So let’s talk about safety recognition

Your team, which is usually excited by new ideas and the possibility of change, seems burned out. Uncharacteristically, they’re complaining about all the work that needs to happen to turn things around, maybe even arguing against your proposals. Or worse, they’re not complaining at all—they’re just checked out, apathetic about whatever happens.

This is Change Fatigue: a feeling of being

I joined School of Rock (SoR) over a year ago.  Our group, called Full Immersion, completed its fourth season since I’ve join, and we just delivered two amazing performances.  Most in our group feel we are ready to “graduate” and start performing on our own.  After our latest performances, we are eager to see if we can book and deliver

You’re on the “road show” portion of change making, going around to different functions within the organization to convince them to adopt new systems and new ways of working. And at first, the change is well-received: all the leaders nod vigorously, and promise to implement it with their teams. But soon, reports start coming back that while teams are trying

The legacy of Black entrepreneurship deserves recognition and celebration all year round. While entrepreneurship can provide economic stability and growth for the Black community, there are still many challenges to overcome, including discrimination, and limited access to capital and mentorship. In this blog, we’re exploring the story of Black Wall Street, the importance of building generational wealth in Black communities,

In this 60-minute, 1 SHRM credit-earning webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define psychological safety and its importance in the workplace
  • Measure psychological safety on teams 
  • Brainstorm what behaviors create and/or corrode trust on teams 
  • Understand the connection between psychological safety and performance feedback
  • Discuss tools and best practices with your own teams to start building trust 

This webinar is highly