Recently, I was reviewing survey data from a client we are working with who specifically asked an open-ended question around recognition. Employee’s responses were eye opening. I found that while some were seeking monetary recognition, like bonuses, raises, etc., many were simply asking for words of encouragement or a simple “thank you” for a job well done.
It got me

If you’re a training facilitator, you know some participants may not necessarily feel comfortable in a workshop environment. This may stem from social anxiety, power distance considerations, or fear of being judged for what they might share during the experience.
The good news is this discomfort can be mitigated by training facilitators who are willing to implement elements of psychological

Greg Dalton, host and producer of the Climate One podcast, has been creating the podcast for nearly 15 years and is increasingly helping us connect our feelings with the climate crisis. He says he’s “dropping conversations from the head down into the heart.”
Climate One is truly a must-listen for everyone, especially now that climate change has become a central

A survey of 733 multi-millionaires throughout the US were asked to rate factors (out of 30) most responsible for their success. These were the top 5:

  • Being honest with all people
  • Being well disciplined
  • Getting along with people
  • Having a supportive spouse
  • Working harder than most people

All five are reflections of emotional intelligence, not IQ.
Albert Einstein’s IQ

Enneagram Type 7 leaders are challenged when having to deal with negative situations and emotions.  Mariyah Jahangiri is a Type 7 leader who works with teams in trauma-informed spaces.  She has learned that to be effective in her leadership role, she must make space for conversations about feelings. She says, “society doesn’t curate a safe environment for emotions and feelings.” 

Business growth and reduction call for realigning production and resources in order to meet the customer demand.When we talk about scalability, we’re discussing capacity and capability. Can your organization’s systems, team and infrastructure handle rapid growth? Alternatively, can your organization scale down operations quickly and efficiently when a crisis hits?

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for businesses to first

Dario Presezzi, co-founder and CEO of Biotechforce Corporation, started having very strong feelings about climate change about 5 years after starting his firm.  Realizing the importance of his company’s role in helping solve the carbon sequestration problem impassioned him just that much more to make his firm successful.  He shares with us his desperation-to-joy emotional rollercoaster journey.
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Project management relies heavily on data. Are your project managers up-to-date on cybersecurity?Cybersecurity attacks increased by over 50% in 2021, according to several research surveys, with CNET reporting a 68% increase. And a risk barometer conducted by global consulting firm Allianz found that cybersecurity is one of the top three risks for business in 2022, along with business interruption and

For confident leaders, change is an opportunity. Shifts, whether in the market or in the organization itself, create new possibilities to be explored. Of course, with new possibilities comes the need for decision-making and action. Each new change demands a confident response, whether to embrace, reject, or ignore the change, and the wisdom of that response may deliver a windfall