Research everywhere speaks volumes. It consistently highlights a significant shift: People care more about workplace culture than their salaries. So, why aren’t more companies prioritizing workplace culture?
The Disconnect: Why Culture Gets Overlooked
Here are some common reasons:

Since we’ve been experiencing record breaking heat this summer, I dedicated this July 2024 edition of the Climate Moment to heat and how it affects our weather. I presented to this Climate Moment talk to my Provisors Palo Alto 1 group on Friday, July 12, 2024.
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Since we’ve been hearing a lot about heat in

he Roaring 2020s Speakeasy Team – Authors Kimberly Layne Roberts, Twiana Armstrong and Matt Schlegel – share examples of different learning styles and the role they play in tapping into your hidden potential.
Kimberly shares some personal examples and introduces Adam Grant’s book Hidden Potential.  Matt shares the example of Steph Currey’s learning style as an Enneagram Type 7 and

Hiring the right person is essential, but a drawn-out hiring process can harm your organization more than you might realize. Missed opportunities, decreased productivity, and losing top candidates to competitors are just a few of the costly consequences. While being thorough in interviews is important, taking too long can be a major setback.
If your organization is finding it difficult

Did you know that 76% of hiring managers admit that attracting the right job candidates is their greatest challenge? Why? Because many managers lack key skills needed for effective interviewing. Culture matters to employees, but it’s just as crucial for hiring.
Keep in mind that you’re not alone in searching for the best people, and employees are equally on

Election season is here, bringing with it a flood of discussions, debates, and distractions. Add global tensions dominating the news, and it’s easy to see why employees might struggle to stay focused… especially if they have opposing views from their colleagues… and are discussing those opposing views at work. 
Sounds like a recipe for disaster.
Politics and global events spark

It’s halfway through the year, and for some companies, the fiscal year is wrapping up, leaving them with an unexpected budget surplus. 
While it might be tempting to funnel these extra funds into new equipment or throw after-hours parties, there’s a more strategic opportunity at hand. Investing in initiatives that enhance workplace culture and address common workplace issues can yield

Yesterday, I came across research by Randstad and it really got me thinking about how much the workplace landscape is changing.
This study included insights from 27,000 workers worldwide and what really caught my attention was that nearly half of the respondents—47%, to be exact—expressed a willingness to stick with a job they love, even if there’s no clear path