Market Effectiveness™ is about how well you service your marketplace and your customers. It includes how you create products and services, how you market, sell and service them and how you manage the product revenue lifecycle. Planning, measuring, and managing market effectiveness is the most important activity in every enterprise. Market Effectiveness drives profitable growth. The … Continue reading Market Effectiveness

Employees quit their jobs for different reasons, and a major one is because of a toxic workplace environment. In fact, researchers discovered that between April and September 2021, toxic culture was the main reason why employees decided to leave their jobs.
A toxic work culture refers to a situation where negative behaviors are tolerated within an organization. It can quietly

Staying competitive and relevant are two key issues on the minds of senior leaders and boards of directors. The rapid evolution of technology plays a pivotal role in addressing these two issues. To successfully navigate the digital landscape, leadership teams turn to digital technology consulting firms like Group50® Consulting. They do so to identify ways … Continue reading Digital Technology

Change today requires more persuasion and negotiation than ever before, increasing the focus on leaders’ style and approach. And the leaders we work with are—unsurprisingly—quite adept at modifying how they lead, accommodating others’ needs to get them on board with new initiatives. But they often share a private worry: the more they adapt for others, the more they sacrifice and

2024 marks an incredible milestone for us—our 15th-anniversary celebration! Yes, you read that right—15 years of making a positive impact on over 270 organizations served, thousands of employees, and millions of people worldwide! Thanks to the vision of our founder and CEO, Catherine Mattice.
Our History
Catherine started Civility Partners in 2009 with one mission – building a

The Roaring 2020s Speakeasy Team – Authors Kimberly Layne Roberts, Twiana Armstrong and Matt Schlegel – look ahead to the drivers of VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity – in 2024.
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How can you make your workplace more exciting and successful? 
Organizational success is not solely dependent on strategies or cutting-edge technologies. Instead, the key driver of success lies within the organization itself—specifically, within the collective behaviors of its members. 
When the term “toxic employee” is mentioned, thoughts often gravitate towards micromanaging, aggressive communication, threats, and more. However, research indicates that

Creating a positive workplace culture isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a key player in the success of any business. It goes beyond token gestures like wellness days and promotions; it’s fundamentally about how you treat your people, the support you extend to your team, and the pervasive culture that permeates your workplace.
Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. Have you