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Matt Schlegel presents to an SBA T.H.R.I.V.E group of emerging leaders on how to use the Enneagram to create marketing narratives.  Matt shares how to create a narrative for each Enneagram type, and then works with two leaders in the group to create specific narratives, one to market to Enneagram Type 4 clientele and the other to market to Enneagram

According to research by The Strategic Thinking Institute, 96% of leaders struggle with finding enough time for strategic work in their roles. They find themselves doing the daily tasks of the job, instead of thinking strategically about the business and taking the actions needed to execute on that strategy. 
One answer to this issue is delegation. By entrusting other employees

The end of the year often feels like a sprint to the finish, with everyone rushing to get work done before offices shut down for holidays, festivities, travel, and vacations. But don’t let “what must get done” in the time remaining starve all the oxygen in your organization for discussions of “what if?” and even “why not?” for the year

Life continues to throw us curve balls. How are you reacting to unforeseen challenges.  In this episode, authors Kimberly Layne, Twiana Armstrong and I share our thoughts and experiences about how we are maintaining healthy habits to create a wellness baseline that gives us resiliency while navigating challenging times.
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After months of hiring shortages and demands for more workers, Big Tech layoffs and hiring freezes are in the headlines. Of course, this isn’t just limited to Big Tech; many leaders in a variety of industries are finding themselves with smaller teams but the same KPI’s. 

If you’ve been trying to transform your organization, this couldn’t happen at a worse