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Richy Glassberg is the CEO and Co-founder of SafeGuard Privacy, a company established in 2019 to help businesses manage privacy compliance with effectiveness and efficiency. He is a digital media veteran with more than 25 years of experience. Richy has led

When you interview for a new job, you should prepare accordingly. You should be able to showcase what you know about the company, its mission and products, and how your experience can uniquely benefit them. That’s the kind of personalization that makes your interviewer take notice. 
However, you probably should not know your interviewer’s entire work history, favorite foods, relationship

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Bryson Bort is the CEO and Founder of SCYTHE, a threat emulation platform. He is Co-founder of GRIMM, a cybersecurity consultancy and ICS Village, a 501c3 for industrial control security systems. He is recognized as a Top 50 in Cyber by

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Svetlana Braunscheidel is the General Counsel and VP of Operations at PNG Cyber, a forensic investigations and remediation business. In her role, she deals in digital forensics, incident response, threat actor communications, and cyber risk compliance services. Her previous experience spans

With 16 U.S. state consumer privacy laws now enacted (as of this writing), companies are streamlining their compliance activities to address obligations from multiple laws. And, in general, we do see strong patterns and commonalities emerging. However, in some areas, states have struck out on their own — take California’s opt-out button requirement, for example.
Another unique element amongst the

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April 24, 2024
Red Clover Advisors, a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC) and a leader in the rapidly growing field of privacy management, has been honored by the Atlanta Business Chronicle with

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Judy Titera is the owner of J Titera Solutions, where she provides privacy and security consulting services. She is also a faculty member of IANS Research and serves as Independent Director on the Mitsui Sumitomo Transverse Insurance board.
Judy retired from

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Alysa Hutnik is the Chair of the Privacy and Information Security practice at Kelley Drye. She is one of the nation’s leading ad tech attorneys, active in the industry, and well-versed in the unique legal challenges faced by advertisers and data-focused

Discussions on AI and data privacy frequently include doom-and-gloom scenarios. Think: expansive regulations, steep regulatory fines, and scary Ex Machina futures where sentient technology takes over the world. Not to mention… data privacy. (Or lack thereof.)
While there are real concerns regarding AI and data privacy, that doesn’t mean your business can’t find ways to use AI to its advantage