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Privacy and security can be likened to the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich combination. Just as peanut butter and jelly, each brings their unique flavors to create a well-loved snack, privacy and security serve distinct, yet complementary, roles in protecting data.
Privacy is akin to the jelly—sweet, nuanced, and about personal preference. Security, on the other hand, is like

If your house is like mine, there are some basic rules in place. Put your shoes and coats away when you get home. Make your bed in the morning. Always leave a note if you use the last of the milk or (more importantly) coffee. 
These rules (help) keep everyone on the same page and reduce the inevitable chaos of

In case you haven’t heard the word, January 28th is Data Privacy Day – a global initiative to promote privacy and data protection best practices for consumers and businesses.
As we approach Data Privacy Day this year, companies across the globe find themselves subject to a slate of new privacy and data protection laws and regulations. Plus, consumers are more

Sometimes, you have to work up the nerve to take a leap into the unknown. That’s why you see first-time skydivers clutching their jumpseat or rock climbers questioning a new (and vertigo-inducing) route.
Risk-taking isn’t limited to extreme sports, though. Business activities like implementing AI are leaving lots of business professionals and executives with sweaty palms and second guesses.

As we plunge into 2024, it’s prime time for organizations and their teams to set business growth resolutions and give their privacy health a little TLC. Analyzing your privacy health begins with two key questions. Are there any recent developments that may affect your organization’s current compliance? And which parts of your privacy program could use a workout as we

The new year brings lots of opportunities for business. 
New marketing initiatives. New product launches. New partnerships. And, hopefully, lots of growth and happy new customers.   
Yet, amid all this opportunity, have you considered how privacy should fit into your 2024 business plans? 
It’s understandable if you haven’t, but we’re here to give you that boost of motivation to make

AI is the shiny object of the business world right now. Everyone’s looking at how artificial intelligence could help (or harm) their industry.
But in this case, AI kind of deserves to be the shiny object. It’s a rapidly evolving sector, and in most cases, there are opportunities to leverage AI in every department of a company, including human resources.

There’s no getting around it—implementing and updating a privacy program can feel overwhelming for many businesses. Every year, more and more states enact new data privacy laws, and the established ones continue to be revised, as well.
It’s a lot to track, especially when you just want to get on with business as usual.
The result is that many businesses

E-commerce businesses collect a lot of personal information from their customers. 
Think about it—if a customer has an account with an online clothing store, that store probably has their credit card information, home address, phone number, email, and birthday (for the free birthday gift, obviously).
Now imagine if your website experienced a data breach and malicious actors gained access to