Did you know that how you were raised and what you witnessed about money impact how you spend and save?
Guest Michelle Francis is the owner of Lifestory Financial in Denver whose slogan is: “Money is the heart of our life story,” as well as a mom to three, two who have Phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare metabolic disease diagnosed at

What do you do when your five-month-old child has seizures that are only happening at night?  For Screenwriter Marc Palmieri, it was hard to know whether the strained movements and odd facial expressions were a problem for his young daughter Anna, when she had been a healthy, happy baby otherwise.  During this episode of Parenting Impossible, Host Annette Hines

Host Annette Hines opens the episode sharing about the month of September and the celebrations of Special Needs Companies, which includes the 10 years of service of Special Needs Law Group of Massachusetts and 3 years of hosting Parenting Impossible Podcast!  Plus, this month is the start of the online Transition Planning Masterclass & Coaching Programs: Learn more here:

Back-to-School Time
First, it’s back-to-school time for most students in the United States!  Podcast host, Annette Hines reflects at the beginning of the episode on the busy preparation in her household for her two daughters that started a few weeks before the first day of school. Both her daughter Elizabeth with mitochondrial disease and her younger daughter, Caroline, needed separate,

Feeling anxious about money or wanting to avoid talking about it is normal. However, Kathleen Burns Kingsbury author and host of the award-winning, Breaking Money Silence® Podcast explains that when we’re not talking about money, we’re more likely to make financial mistakes and have difficulty learning from them.  Plus, in order to have goals and plan for ourselves as well