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It is never too early to start teaching kids about money. The earlier they start learning about financial literacy, the better off they will be in the long run. There are a lot of financial concepts that adults take for granted, such as budgeting, credit, and investing. Unfortunately, most schools do not offer classes on personal finance, so it is

If you own a business, you’ve always got a lot on your mind. But no matter how busy you are today, you need to think about tomorrow. Specifically, you’ll want to create an exit strategy for the day you want to move on from your business to a new phase in your life.

To develop this strategy, you’ll need to

The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act 2.0 was signed into law on Dec. 26, 2022, as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023. SECURE Act 2.0 (“Act”) made significant changes to the rules for individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and employer sponsored retirement plans.  Most written summaries of the Act focus on the individual changes impacting how

During a divorce, property must be divided in a just and right manner. In a Community Property state (California and Texas are examples), this means all property acquired by either spouse during the marriage stands to be divided. Even if the couple never legally married – same-sex couples or opposite-sex couples – each party may have an equity claim to

Why are business owners and their advisors talking about ESOPs? With capital gains taxes on the rise, ESOPs are playing an increasing pivotal role as an exit strategy. Join our webinar on October 19 to learn about Tax Reform & ESOPs. Learn about Employee Stock Ownership Plans and hear special guest Shane Lieberman of the US Office of Public Policy

I get lots of calls from people asking about the advantages of investing in mortgage notes. Most of those calls come from landlords who own one or more rental properties, and they share a common dilemma. The reason they bought rental properties was to have stable, monthly stream of income—not because they wanted an endless stream of headaches from tenants.