Strategic Business Planning

Why are business owners and their advisors talking about ESOPs? With capital gains taxes on the rise, ESOPs are playing an increasing pivotal role as an exit strategy. Join our webinar on October 19 to learn about Tax Reform & ESOPs. Learn about Employee Stock Ownership Plans and hear special guest Shane Lieberman of the US Office of Public Policy

The pandemic has made life and business difficult for small business owners everywhere. The degree of difficulty varies significantly and depends primarily on the amount of physical proximity and interaction required in order for the business to be functional. Nobody signs up for these times, but there are a number of actionable steps business owners can take to build long-term

The coronavirus pandemic has created a period of extreme economic uncertainty. The truth is no one knows what economic conditions will be one month from today, let alone 6 to 12 months. While we would all like to believe that things will return to “normal” in the near future, that’s wishful thinking at best. Given the heightened uncertainty, one of