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As the Fall season approaches, we’re excited to present you with five compelling reasons to continue partnering with CorpStrat for your Fall benefits. Your benefits plan is a crucial aspect of your company’s well-being, and our dedication to excellence ensures that you receive the best service possible.
1. Expertise that Shines: Unveiling the Brilliance of CorpStrat’s Cutting-Edge Brokerage
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Are you ready for a game-changing healthcare experience that puts affordable, high-quality care within reach? Look no further than VIVITY, the groundbreaking health insurance product brought to you by BlueCross Anthem. We are thrilled to unveil this innovative solution that offers premium savings of up to 22% compared to Anthem’s FULL HMO plans on average. With VIVITY, your journey to

Many employers enhanced their mental health and well-being benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic and are expected to build on that in 2023. Americans struggled with mental health and substance misuse before the pandemic, but these struggles were exacerbated during the pandemic and persist today. Today we’re talking about what employers have been doing to ensure their team has the support

Your business is humming along but without your top employees, your company might start feeling the strain immediately. Many small businesses rely on a few key people to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. But what happens to your key people when they fall ill or become disabled? Today we’re going to talk about how to continue taking care of

Seriously? How many business meetings and seminars have you attended in the past three (3) years – in person, that is. Certainly, we have attended numerous video meetings and webinars – all of them thoroughly two-dimensional and effective – to a degree.  But do these online meetings effectively replace in person meetings?  I’m not so […]
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A question we often get is, “Should I hire a full-time HR person or outsource my HR?” It’s a really important question and we wanted to address it on the blog today. In general, HR is a critical part of any business operation. So much gets wrapped up in the HR seat, it’s often responsible for: maintaining morale, culture, hiring,

One of the biggest financial challenges people in the US are facing is whether or not they’re able to afford healthcare. People are already struggling to pay for the insurance premiums but on top of that, they’re afraid deductibles, prescriptions, and co-insurance might push them into the red. It’s no wonder that they’re struggling. Healthcare costs have risen faster than