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In the world of sports, MVPs like LeBron James and Shohei Ohtani are considered invaluable assets to their teams. These players drive success, just like your key employees do for your business. However, have you considered what would happen if unexpected events were to occur? We’re talking about things like illness, disability, or the loss of a key team member.

As we settle into 2024, many teams have recently renewed their Employee Benefits plans. It’s the perfect time to take a closer look and remind your employees about the fantastic, often underutilized benefits these plans offer. From free to low-cost options, these benefits are not just perks – they’re valuable resources for your employees and their dependents.
Communicating Benefits

In the ever-evolving world of business, companies face a multitude of challenges and opportunities. One crucial aspect often swept to the side is Employee Benefits. I would caution you not to overlook your Employee Benefits package as it can have a significant impact, both financially and culturally. An experienced Employee Benefits Broker can ensure you don’t get saddled with a

Employee benefits are a crucial component of any organization’s compensation package and can greatly influence employee satisfaction, retention, and overall company culture. Communicating these benefits effectively is equally important as providing them. A well-executed communication plan ensures that your employees are aware of the full range of benefits available to them, understand how to utilize them, and feel valued and supported.

In today’s ever-evolving job market, employers are beginning to recognize the value of offering long-term care insurance benefits to their employees. It’s not just about enticing and retaining top talent; it’s also about helping employees plan for their financial future with confidence. However, the concepts of long-term care insurance and disability insurance can sometimes be muddled, creating confusion in the

As the Fall season approaches, we’re excited to present you with five compelling reasons to continue partnering with CorpStrat for your Fall benefits. Your benefits plan is a crucial aspect of your company’s well-being, and our dedication to excellence ensures that you receive the best service possible.
1. Expertise that Shines: Unveiling the Brilliance of CorpStrat’s Cutting-Edge Brokerage
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Are you ready for a game-changing healthcare experience that puts affordable, high-quality care within reach? Look no further than VIVITY, the groundbreaking health insurance product brought to you by BlueCross Anthem. We are thrilled to unveil this innovative solution that offers premium savings of up to 22% compared to Anthem’s FULL HMO plans on average. With VIVITY, your journey to

Many employers enhanced their mental health and well-being benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic and are expected to build on that in 2023. Americans struggled with mental health and substance misuse before the pandemic, but these struggles were exacerbated during the pandemic and persist today. Today we’re talking about what employers have been doing to ensure their team has the support