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No Free Lunch
In fact, lunch costs substantially more than just a few years ago, which we’re sure comes as no surprise. Everything costs more after this bout of inflation which is still not quite over. What’s kept the economy humming along and made it more difficult to address inflation is the seemingly insatiable consumer. That is, until now. First

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Do you find yourself at a crossroads in life, juggling the complexities of managing your wealth while contemplating the legacy you’ll leave behind for your loved ones? Well, you’re not alone. Many individuals like you, in the prime of their retirement years, feel the burden of responsibility to provide for the family’s future, wanting to make sure they don’t leave

Get ready to dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship and parenting with Paris Williams, co-founder of Next Level Financial, in an exclusive interview with Rolling Out. In this candid conversation, Williams shares her journey of managing a thriving business while raising three kids.

Throughout the interview, Williams offers a glimpse into her everyday life, sharing personal stories and

A Taxing Situation
Everyone believes that they give more than enough to Uncle Sam and are reticent to voluntarily give any more. Quite often, we come across a situation where a client has an outsized position in one or several stocks and they won’t sell any because of the tax implications, even if the long term capital gains rate is

Cash flow killers are obstacles or challenges that can disrupt a business’s smooth cash flow, potentially leading to financial strain or instability. Identifying and addressing these cash flow killers is crucial for any business’s sustained growth and success.

3 Tips to Address Cash Flow Killers:

  • Negotiate Standard Terms for Payment: Establishing clear and standardized payment terms with clients or customers
  • If you’re retiring after a long career at Microsoft, Amazon, or any other big company, you’ve likely been given company stock as part of your compensation for years. Along the way, you’ve also watched it skyrocket and it now represents a much bigger percentage of your portfolio than you’re comfortable with. As retirement draws nearer, the dramatic day to day