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Planning to become a widow sounds counterintuitive, not to mention incredibly difficult to imagine. But ask any widow or widower and they’ll tell you that losing a spouse is hands-down one of life’s greatest challenges. Even for those who knew they would likely outlive their spouse, the reality wasn’t anything they could have emotionally prepared for.

Global markets have taken us for a wild ride thus far in 2022. Inflation is not yet under control, and the Fed is raising interest rates to combat it. Geopolitical tensions are leading to deglobalization, and investors are naturally worried about what this means for their portfolios. Whether we like it or not, most of us have acknowledged that these

The S&P 500 flirted with bear market territory two weeks ago.

Its intra day low on May 20th was 21% below the year’s high set on January 4th. However, it came back that day and closed 18.61% from the peak.

The next week we had some optimism around inflation, and the market bounced 6%.

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A strong sense of security—be it emotional, mental, physical, or financial—is fundamental to a person’s well-being. This is especially true during times of grief, such as the loss of a spouse. But there are a number of financial circumstances that can make a widow feel uneasy in the wake of loss. If a new widow counted upon her spouse’s income,

Money is a hard thing to talk about. It fits right in between being honest with your doctor and discussing a “newly renovated” nursing home with your mother-in-law. In fact, we’re taught from an early age to avoid talking about money. Even straightforward subjects like salary and savings are hindered by a layer of taboo. So, imagine the herculean difficulty of

In December 2009, I was out grabbing drinks at an Irish pub with some colleagues after our company holiday dinner. Talking about the year that was, congratulating the new shareholders announced earlier in the day, and listening to the grumbles of those who fell short.

One of the senior investment guys leans into me conspiratorially at the bar.

“Hey, I’ve

The FAANG stocks have taken their investors on a wild ride.

Facebook (now Meta), Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google.

They outperformed the market from 2016 – 2021.

Investors who hated the S&P 500 index in the Lost Decade (2000 – 2009) and then fell in love with it as it was the top performer in the subsequent decade started thinking