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Economy Watch
Confusing data is the rule. This makes the Fed’s job especially difficult. Which data points do you believe? Better question, which data points does the Fed believe?

  • New home sales unexpectedly rose 7.5% in October, befuddling economist who expected a decline of 5.5% for the month. While some analysts credited aggressive discounting by home builders as the reason

In this episode, we talk with Georgina Halabi, a certified coach with over 25 years of senior roles within business and marketing, as well as a lifetime of experience in meditation and self-discovery. Today she helps motivated, self-aware successful professionals to achieve peak performance and well-being, by: quieting the part of their brain that sabotages them and strengthening the part of

Bit by Bit

  • Our past comments about Bitcoin have centered on the theme that crypto is not ready for prime time. While we may have looked a little naïve as bitcoin shot up to almost $70,000, we look a bit more prescient now.
  • FTX, a leading crypto exchange, has filed for bankruptcy, and the collateral damage to the crypto world

What Does a Strong Dollar Mean for the U.S. Economy?
In late September 2022, the U.S. dollar hit  a 20-year high in an index that measures  its value against six major currencies: the euro, the Japanese yen, the British pound, the Canadian dollar, the Swedish krona, and the Swiss franc. At the same time, a broader inflation-adjusted index that captures

Cash Reserves
What is a cash reserve?
A cash reserve is a pool of funds (and sometimes credit) that you hold in a readily available form to meet emergency and other highly urgent, short-term needs. Sometimes, it is referred to as an emergency or contingency fund.
Caution: Terminology is important here because contingencies often are not emergencies. Purchasing an expensive

2022 Year-End Tax Tips
Here are some things to consider as you weigh potential tax moves between now and the end of the year.
1. Defer income to next year
Consider opportunities to defer income to 2023, particularly if you think you may be in a lower tax bracket then. For example, you may be able to defer a year-end

In this episode, we talk with a Globally Renowned Courage Speaker and Mentor, Clinton Young.Clinton’s work centers around inspiring and enabling the courage and confidence to unlock your God-given potential.An experience of failure in 2008 shattered his confidence but awakened his soul. It set him on a spiritual path that led him to his purpose of “Re-Igniting the Human Spirit.”He’s

Investment Opportunities in a Volatile Stock Market | Cheddar News
Philip Palumbo, Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer at Palumbo Wealth Management, joined Closing Bell’s Kristen Scholer on set at the NYSE to talk recent trading action, and preview what’s ahead for markets as investors await yet another interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve. Please Click Here to view.

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Zakiya Akerele an Atlanta-based educator, author, and speaker who found an early passion in academic pursuits hoping to use them to improve herself and the world around her.  She sought higher education with full force, obtaining degrees from Florida A&M University (B.A.), Columbia University (Ed.M.), and Fordham University(M.A. and Ph.D.) in International Education, Philosophy,