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Finding investments that perform better than the S&P 500 has been hard lately. It’s left individual investors with the mistaken impression it’s the only thing worth investing in.

However, that index lost money over the last decade while many other investments did well. In order below: U.S. small caps, emerging markets, international stocks, U.S. value, and U.S. bonds all had

Do you wonder if you’re at risk of owing estate tax? If so, which assets will you pay the tax on? It comes down to what is considered “in” your estate and what is considered “out” of your estate. You pay tax on assets in your estate, and you don’t pay tax on assets out of your estate.
So, what’s

“We’ve worked hard to build and protect our wealth, not just for us, but for our kids and grandkids. I just don’t want this money to ruin the family when I’m gone.”Does this sound familiar? If you’re thinking about how to pass your wealth to future generations of family, this is one of the most frequent fears. The data backs

Did you know that a soon-to-be-expired law could help your family avoid paying $2.6 million in estate taxes? If not, you’re not alone.
Estate taxes are complex and ever changing, making it difficult to keep up. They not only take a substantial bite out of your wealth, but they can also create confusion and tension for your family during an

A few years ago, we were approached by a new client with two questions her advisor wouldn’t answer:

  • When should I start social security?
  • My pension says I can receive monthly income or a lump sum to invest. Which is better for me?

She had worked for years with an advisor at her local bank to oversee her retirement investments,

In the September investment edition of the Wealthy Behavior podcast, I talk once again to Heritage’s Chief Investment Officer, Bob Weisse, about the markets, economy, and the things investors need to know now.

Despite ample reasons to be concerned and alarming headlines, the markets have remained resilient. We discussed this and more, specifically:

  • Year-to-date market results and expectations

Running a successful business requires a keen understanding of your financial health, and that means keeping a close watch on your expenses. The ability to effectively monitor your business expenses can lead to improved financial management, better decision-making, and increased profitability. In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of tracking expenses, share practical tips to streamline the process, and

Staying ahead requires keeping an eye on emerging trends. This is especially true for financial management in small businesses, where efficient and strategic financial practices are key to success. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the future of financial management, exploring emerging trends that small businesses should embrace to navigate the complexities of modern commerce.

  • Cloud-Based Financial Solutions: Embracing
  • Running a small business can be a rewarding venture, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. One challenge that often goes overlooked is the need for a well-defined financial strategy. Having a solid financial plan is not just reserved for large corporations; it’s a crucial component that every small business should have in place. In this blog