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Bear markets suck.

This is the fourth one of my wealth management career.

Bear Market Stats

  • The Tech Wreck (3/24/00 – 10/9/02) down 49.1%, 929 days long
  • Great Financial Crisis (10/9/07 – 3/9/09) down 56.8%, 517 days long
  • COVID-19 Crash (2/29/20 – 3/23/20) down 33.9%, 33 days long
  • Whatever This is Eventually Called (1/3/22 – present) down 24%
  • They

    Bill Gross pioneered the bond investment management business as we know it today. Along the way, he was dubbed the Bond King and was named Morningstar Fixed Income Manager of the Decade (2000 – 2009) and Fixed Income Manager of the Year three times. Pimco, the firm he co-founded and where he served as its Chief Investment Officer until 2014,

    Watching your parents get older is difficult, especially if their health or cognitive abilities start to decline. If you haven’t started planning for your parents’ future care and financial needs, it’s important to do so sooner rather than later. Here are a few areas of considerations we recommend you start discussing with your parents and a trusted financial professional.

    There’s no feeling quite like dropping your college freshman off for their first semester. The energy on campus is electric, the dorm halls are packed, and you can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead for your young adult. On a day like today, feeling financially prepared for the costs of college makes all the difference.
    But preparation doesn’t happen

    Heading into this year our team decided to start investing more in real assets. I summarized our outlook here, but the main takeaway outside of additional inflation protection was:

    Shifting a portion of your portfolio from bonds to real assets continues to be important. Real assets diversify a portfolio. They have higher return expectations than bonds, which helps your

    Having a clear understanding of your risk tolerance is one of the most fundamental tenets of investing. Your risk tolerance level serves as the basis for determining how best to allocate your portfolio, while allowing you to sleep at night. Knowing how much risk you can tolerate will help you achieve your goals within your investment horizon without added stress

    Understanding your messenger’s agenda and filtering the information you consume accordingly is an essential skill for your financial independence journey.

    No one has the time or aptitude to learn everything they need to from all angles. We need shortcuts, and a common one is relying on experts and opinion makers. We all do it. There’s a lot of information available

    I don’t anticipate monthly economic reports like they’re the next season of Narcos, or The Mandalorian. Sorry, Billions, you used to be on this list, but I gave up on the endless feuds and plots. Your characters deserve each other (come for the finance talk, stay for the bad TV reviews).

    Anyway…I was anxious for the July inflation report this