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You may have heard that asset allocation is the primary driver of investment returns. That’s because it’s true. But what does that mean, how do you choose the right asset allocation, and what 2023 asset allocation ideas are there for your portfolio (hint: the 60/40 portfolio is back)?

I got into this and a lot more with the gentleman responsible

Wow!! Check out the article below. Amazon has announced their first cinema ! The dominant leader in on-line experience(retail, streaming etc) is now moving more into “bricks and mortar”. With Amazon’s investment in content production it makes sense. Combined with Amazon’s growing investment in grocery and other retail concepts there is a clear message that bricks and mortar retail and

I keep track of my book ratings and reviews on Goodreads. Here’s a list of the best books I read in 2022 (4 and 5 star Goodreads reviews). You can follow me there and see the complete list (including books I didn’t like) and new ratings. Reviews are posted on Twitter too.


Desert Star by Michael Connelly

The holidays are officially here, which can be both a blessing and an added pressure for recent widows. While it’s a wonderful time of year to enjoy with family and friends, there’s an ever-present reminder that things will look a little different this year and you may feel anything but festive.
Additionally, most women face more stress around the holidays

I haven’t posted as often as usual lately because in October I tore my ACL and meniscus playing basketball for the last time. As my recovery continues (and maybe the market’s begins), it’s time to share some investment thoughts.

The bear market in U.S. and global stocks and U.S. bonds continues.

However, about when my left knee crumbled, those markets

The holidays can be an especially difficult time for widows. Traditions and family gatherings can conjure memories and emotions that leave widows feeling exhausted. It’s in these times that leaning on the support of loved ones or cozying up with a good read can really help. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of Northstar recommended reading (and listening)

Inflation remains the story. We’re watching the Fed write the script and processing the market’s reaction while trying to understand at what point we’ll have a recession and how deep it will be. While the Fed is not likely done raising rates, this week’s .75% hike may be the last large hike. Real estate has started to correct, which should help

As a small business owner, you serve as the cornerstone of your business, which means your employees, clients, and partners rely on your leadership and guidance. To see your business grow and reach new milestones, you must be one hundred percent committed.
For most business owners, your personal wealth is closely tied to the success of your business. Your business