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If you have read much of our work, you have probably noticed we embrace evidence-based investing. But what does that mean?
1) Evidence-based investors build and manage their portfolio based on what is expected to enhance future returns and/or dampen related risk exposures, according to the most robust evidence available. This includes Nobel prize-winning theory, historical evidence, and scholarly research.

Here’s a running list of the best personal finance books broken down by category and expected takeaways that you can work through based on interest level and time.

The Hall of Fame

The books everyone should read. Important baseline information. Not too technical.

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko

The best personal finance book of all

Our investment team just published its 2022 investment outlook (available here).

It’s a great overview of current market conditions and thoughtful guidance on positioning your investments for this year and beyond.

Heritage has a four person investment team and a seven person investment committee that works in consultation with a large independent investment consultant (Fiducient Advisors) to

I think there is little that needs to be said about the newsworthiness of the events of 2020, as we’ve all read it a million times over by now. I think the first word that comes to all our minds when we think of 2020 is “unprecedented.” In fact, the rate at which the word “unprecedented” was used in 2020

Thank you for making this the biggest month ever for the blog and since this is only year two – making this the biggest year ever!I appreciate all of you who have read, subscribed, and shared posts. The emails I get about the posts you like and ideas you want to share make my day. Thanks for making me part

Looking to year-end
The holidays are always hectic, but we hope you’ll consider carving out some time for year-end financial matters.
A number of questions about proposed changes in the tax code have come our way. As the Build Back Better Act winds its way through Congress, early proposals have fallen by the wayside.
Changes in individual income tax rates,

2021 version of being a financial advisor. People used to ask me for stock tips. Now they ask what I think about investing in crypto.

I don’t recommend it.

Here’s why:

  • Crypto is speculative and could go to zero
  • Not enough people investing in it understand it and have a reasonable basis for assessing where crypto currencies are heading
  • The