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An interesting quote and mantra attributed to Bill Belichik, head coach of the New England Patriots, and one of the most successful coaches and organizational leaders in NFL history.  The “Do Your Job” quote and thinking is an integral part of his leadership style and is the title of a book he wrote on leadership principles.  I have not read

On December 3, 2022, the USPTO is implementing shorter response times to most Office Actions as the last part of the Trademark Modernization Act. On or after that date, Office Actions issued during examination will have a three-month response period, instead of the current six months. This applies to applications based on actual use – 1(a), intent-to-use – 1(b), foreign

In the next Breaking Money Silence® podcast’s Awkward Money Conversations Series episode, I speak with Amanda Koplin, founder of Koplin Consulting about the awkward conversations around paying for mental health services. We discuss the stigma around mental health, the high cost of treatment, and the reluctance of some individuals and families to pay for treatment.

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Financial infidelity is a money problem that can range from little white lies about finances to secretly investing or spending large sums of money without your partner’s knowledge. In this Breaking Money Silence® podcast episode, Dr. Alex Melkumian, a financial therapist and owner of Financial Psychology Center, joins me to discuss the reasons a partner may be financially unfaithful,

I was a guest on the Latte With a Lawyer podcast, please feel free to check it out at the link below ––Partner-at-Levin-Ginsburg-Latte-with-a-Lawyer-Episode-123-e1qiapp

Kevin is the head of the Levin Ginsburg intellectual property practice group in Chicago. He has two decades of experience in counseling clients in the selection, clearance, maintenance, and protection of trademarks around the world. Kevin

In today’s Breaking Money Silence® podcast episode, I talk with Christine Devine of Christine E. Devine Law Offices about the stigma around declaring bankruptcy and how individuals and families can break money silence around this difficult dialogue.

Christine has over 27 years of legal experience and has won numerous awards, including being recognized as one of the “500 Leading US

You can find many ways to support charitable organizations. One method that’s gained popularity over the past few years is called a donor-advised fund. Should you consider it?

The answer depends on your individual situation, because donor-advised funds are not appropriate for everyone. However, if you’re in a position to make larger charitable gifts, you might at least want to

The marriage is over and you want to keep the house … even if you are reasonably sure you can afford it on your own, how will your lender determine your individual ability to repay?

The short answer is that most lenders can’t.  In traditional mortgage lending, any debts that show up on your credit report – both individual and