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When you plan for the future, an important part of that process is purchasing life insurance. However, if time has passed since you first bought it, you may need to reevaluate your plan. Life changes such as getting married, having a new baby, or purchasing a new home all come with added responsibilities, making it important to have the right

Earlier today I was chatting with one of my coaching clients.  We were discussing what holds him back, the things that limit his life.  They limit his professional success, his happiness, and his relationships.  I love sharing these journeys of curiosity and appreciate when I talk to people that are open.  The context of our conversation was the idea of

Way back seemingly forever ago, (but it was only the end of July), Penny bid on a Boise PD ride-along for me, part of a fundraiser for Special Olympics. She won, meaning I won. There were papers to fill, waivers and such. Bad things can happen, for which the police department is not responsible. After a couple of scheduling misfires,

When Brian, one of the owners of the Lounge at the End of the Universe, walked up during the second opening act, he was very nice about how he told me not to photograph till after the show. I suffer from selective hearing, which is why I wasn’t aware I couldn’t photograph the acts as they were unfolding. This also

Quick, what’s the best way to find a vet? Yelp? Nope. Recommendation from a friend? Nah ah. What, then? How about just get in your car on a cloudy day, and head on up to Idaho City? You’ll meet Wayne at the Wildfires Museum, which is open for the first time in several years. Wayne fought wildfires for half a

Purchasing life insurance is a great way to protect your spouse and children from monetary loss should something happen to you. The payments can help cover debts, living expenses, and medical or final expenses, as well as providing financial security.

But can you have multiple life insurance policies? The short answer is yes. You can have more than one life

There are days when everything feels up in the air. Like Day One of Gowen Thunder, when I showed up with my press pass and a bucket full of enthusiasm. With this press pass and a direct line to my POC (point of contact), Kyle Mead, everything was a go for my second airshow with the US Army Parachute Team,

Tonight, at the Writers in the Attic gathering at Julia Davis Park, I came to an important realization. I love ice cream more than life itself. They were passing it out for free at the WITA THREE anthology launch. FOUR flavors, including my new favorite, ALL NIGHTER, a coffee, chocolate, crunchy thing combo, packaged in a grown-up push-up container labeled