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Jack and Diane have done well together, and now they’re grandparents. Life is good. They are all set—except for that “oops” lurking in their trust that they aren’t aware of.

After the first grandchild was born in 2002, Diane nudged Jack to have their Will reviewed. For good reason, the attorney recommended they create a Living Trust and did a

Recently I was working with one of my family office clients regarding the renewal of a lease for a commercial tenant in a property that they owned.  The client has a long successful track record in real estate investing and operations.  However, for the last 5 years I have supported the aging founder, as well as trained and mentored the

One of the last taboos in a modern relationship is talking about money.

While many people like to pretend that love conquers all, or that a positive attitude will overcome all obstacles, the fact is that money issues are a leading factor in divorce — especially among young couples. A 2013 study found that money issues played a significant role

Wedding planning guides abound.  Visit nearly any supermarket check stand to find publications showcasing flowers, venues, gowns, rings, music, catering, and every other detail imaginable.  Brides- and grooms-to-be expect to plan every detail of their special day down to the buttons and cufflinks!  Everyone witnessing the union vows to support the happy couple in their journey together and off they

Can money buy happiness? Research shows that spending our money on experiences rather than material possessions is more likely to make us happy. So money can buy happiness as long as you are spending it on the right things.

The latest episode of Your Brain on Money includes money experts (and Boston 5’s own, Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, Financial Therapist, and

If you’re getting closer to retirement, you might be thinking more about Social Security. Specifically, can you count on it to contribute part of the income you’ll need as a retiree?

There’s been an increase in alarming language surrounding the solvency of Social Security, but in reality, its prospects are not nearly as gloomy as you might have heard.


When it comes to presentations, I used to be a ball of nerves! Early in my presentation career, trying to talk in front of a large audience was nerve-wracking.

But presentations are important, they’re the best way I have of getting everyone on board with my ideas or plans for our team success! To help me out, I discovered 7