Even as the US goes back to the office, new “norms” such as the wearing of masks, avoiding handshaking, and the expansion of “personal distance” will become commonplace.   With those norms, it will also be much more common that businesspeople work from home.   With a significant increase in work from home arrangements, businesses will suffer a far more increased risk

Join us for a ProVisors Panel discussion that leads a practical, actionable discussion on how ProVisors members can jump start their marketing and business development efforts and position themselves for even greater success in the months ahead. Attendees will come away with:

  • Five actions firms can take right now to raise their profile
  • A step-by-step guide for building a marketing
  • Jackie Glenn provides a thoughtful and personal perspective around the economic and social injustices occurring in our society and their impact on the workplace. Listen to this compelling presentation by Jackie Glenn, Principal & Founder of Glenn Diversity Inclusion & HR Solutions,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EgNASHOHpQ&feature=youtu.be

    Recorded Webinar is available only through Monday, July 20th

    Tax, Business & Employment Considerations of the CARES Act

    ProVisors Webinar, Tax, Business & Employment Considerations of the CARES Act, is a Panel discussion featuring: Heather Bailey-Smith, Damien Martin, and Teresa Wyman.The Panel discussion will focus on recent tax-related developments and explain what this means for you, your business and your clients.

    ProVisors webinar, Employment Law During COVID-19, focuses on the newest state and federal regulations. In this webinar, we will discuss:

    • The California Stay Home Order, issued March 19, 2020
    • The Family First Coronavirus Response Act, signed into law March 19, 2020
    • Essential vs. Nonessential companies
    • Furloughs vs. Layoffs
    • Exempt vs. Nonexempt Employees
    • Paid sick leave and family leave

    This webinar

    It’s back to business for most states, and as we move closer to lifting stay-at-home orders, businesses are preparing to get back to work. This 60-minute presentation, presented by Nicole Kamm, with employment law firm Fisher Phillips, and Matt Taylor, with CorpStrat, will address key considerations for employers and those who work with and advise employers as they bring employees