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Inflation is here. You can see that easily in the rapidly rising cost of food, energy, clothing, rent and all essentials. Basically, everything you need to buy is going up in price. And it won’t be long before wages start to rise. That’s because workers will soon be demanding raises as they try to keep […]
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Free Parking On Saturday! Bayer, Wishman & Leotta, Attorneys at Law Specializing in Bankruptcy Established 1989 – Call 800-477-3111 Jeff Wishman, Leon Bayer, Marcus Tiggs Free Encino Bankruptcy Clinic Visit on Saturdays! By Leon Bayer -October 17, 2017 The Encino bankruptcy clinic and attorney office of Bayer, Wishman & Leotta is located in the First Citizen Bank building, […]
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We’ll show you how to pay your bankruptcy lawyer. We are lawyers who specialize in bankruptcy. So, we All of our clients are broke. That’s why they come to us. Yet, we need to get paid. Otherwise we can’t be here to help you. Your lawyer should always be straight with you about everything. That […]
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There are many challenges caused by avoidable small business mistakes. Your life savings is at stake. You must know what you are getting into. Among the very worst small business mistakes made when you buy or open a business are under capitalization, inexperience, and paying too much for an existing business. First, there is inadequate […]
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The Truth About Bankruptcy is not what most TV commentators will tell you. Their goal is to sell you books. When is the last time a book solved any problem for you? So here it is, the real truth about bankruptcy. The real truth about bankruptcy is that it is pretty darn easy to qualify. […]
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