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Don’t settle, find the talented employees you need!Finding, hiring and retaining skilled employees is one of the top challenges for human resource departments and managers. It feels like the traditional approach to employment has been upended, a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and all the changes in where and how we work, pay scales, and a new dynamic that has

The quality of an organization’s leadership is key to its potential for success. And just as companies and nonprofits scrambled to adjust to the challenges of the pandemic, leaders now face a business world that is facing a recession.

“Through my work and research with teams this year, and through my many interviews with thought leaders, it is abundantly clear

Measure what matters, and look beyond the “Iron Triangle” in Project Management
How do you measure project management success?A recent ,report from the Project Management Institute (PMI) finds that the Top 10 Percent of 230 project management offices (PMOs) fully align key performance indicators (KPIs) with their organization’s strategic goals.

This approach prioritizes communication and transparency around projects with company

58% of tech workers for companies like Amazon and Google experience Imposter Syndrome.
Imposter syndrome is when you feel like a total fraud as a professional.

As mentioned above, current research shows that 58% of tech workers for companies like Amazon and Google experience imposter syndrome. Even more noteworthy, 84% of entrepreneurs experience imposter syndrome — that your success

Experts predict a mild recession by the end of the year, but how can you best prepare your business?
The pandemic started a wild economic ride over the past two years and now, according to prediction models, a recession is likely near. How mild or severe it will be is a debate for economists. However, most experts are predicting a

Business growth and reduction call for realigning production and resources in order to meet the customer demand.When we talk about scalability, we’re discussing capacity and capability. Can your organization’s systems, team and infrastructure handle rapid growth? Alternatively, can your organization scale down operations quickly and efficiently when a crisis hits?

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for businesses to first

Project management relies heavily on data. Are your project managers up-to-date on cybersecurity?Cybersecurity attacks increased by over 50% in 2021, according to several research surveys, with CNET reporting a 68% increase. And a risk barometer conducted by global consulting firm Allianz found that cybersecurity is one of the top three risks for business in 2022, along with business interruption and

To sustain rapid growth means staying current on future trends that can affect how your business operates.
It’s a fact that technology is driving innovations in data analysis and operations in all industries. As technology continues to scale at exponential rates, it becomes critical for business leaders to know what these innovations are for best practices in operations, growth and

Buzzword: “work-life balance” and we all want it.
Earlier this spring, the work-from-home pendulum began edging back to the pre-pandemic norm — showing up to the office for work. However, this return was not embraced by all employees after two years of saving time and money from no daily commute, restaurant lunches and, in many cases, child care. The buzzwords

“Adapt or die” is the universal guide to business survival
The COVID-19 pandemic made that even clearer, as organizations that quickly shifted operations to meet a pandemic-changed world not only survived but even thrived. The key for these businesses was leadership with the courage to make innovation a priority.

Innovation is a word that opens doors to change. The definition