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Throughout 2022, trends such as the Great Recession and Quiet Quitting were rampant. In 2023, retaining top talent and planning for succession are critical for business leaders to avoid disrupting the growth of their organizations.

Succession planning is not only about determining your organization’s next leader, but also about creating a continuous process that assesses organizational needs and builds a

In late spring BK Simerson, Ed.D. and I surveyed over 100 CEOs, Presidents, COOs, and senior-level executives across the U.S. representing a slate of industries and professions to investigate their perspectives on the immediate and future impact of the COVID-19 crisis on business.

We received insights from a dozen CEOs and Presidents, thirty-five COOs, and dozens of senior-level executives responsible

The study of 128 CEOs, Presidents, COOs, and senior-level executives spanning 50 industries across the United States (many of them with global reach) revealed that some organizations struggled in the initial days following restrictions being put in place due to the pandemic while other organizations seemed prepared and found the transition less cumbersome and time-consuming.

Interviews conducted and a follow-on

The results of our study suggest that COVID-19 has helped set the stage for more open communication, frank and honest dialogue, and a kind of transparency that is rare in corporate America.

Psychological benefits experienced by leaders and employees will not only improve work-life but will set the stage for individuals to work together to mitigate social and racial injustice

Headlines such as “Diversity still Matters in Times of COVID-19” are disappointing. From my perspective, diversity “still” matters to the same degree that the rights and liberties bestowed upon us by the U.S. Constitution still matter. The need for such headlines in this day and age is disheartening. Are these headlines necessary to justify the protests taking place across America’s

Real change may be aided by good intentions, but good intensions are not enough. We work with and survey top executives in American business and see up close how big a barrier to change seemingly mundane facts about the workplace can be. Even essential goals, such as increasing diversity, and creating fair and equitable work environments can get undermined by

Published in the Philanthropy Journal April 30, 2010In the world of nonprofits, 2009 was the year of emergency-room triage.

The economic crisis following the stock market collapse of 2008 decimated the investment portfolios of nonprofits, foundations and individual supporters alike.

Executives at nonprofits were forced to make wrenching decisions on which programs to fund at all cost, which were no