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Coronado, CA (Sept. 29, 2020) – Exit Consulting Group® (ECG), an executive services firm that helps owners successfully exit their business while ensuring that the organization continues to thrive, announced today that Andrea Steinbrenner will assume the role of CEO, effective Oct. 1. In doing so, she will spearhead several strategic initiatives that transition the company from an owner/

Finding Jon Snow isn’t easy for a business owner—and for the chosen successor, neither is being Jon Snow. That’s a reference to the “Game of Thrones” character known for his integrity and honor. Regardless of whether you’re familiar with or a fan of the show, you know from your years in business that great leaders are hard to come by.

Please join us in welcoming the newest Exit Consulting Group® team member, Scott Sporrer. Scott is a financial professional with over 25 years of experience working in public accounting, private industry, and investment banking. His background spans auditing and consulting for multi-national corporations, management of all corporate finance and accounting functions, and providing M&

Business partnerships can be challenging. Family matters can be troubling. When you put the two together, things can get…interesting. And when it gets contentious between sibling business partners, emotions kick into high gear. Childhood relationships and behaviors don’t necessarily turn into healthy business partnerships. The tension escalates and the nuclear option becomes a very real…

What’s wearing on you in 2022? Surely, there’s something. After the fight-or-flight of 2020? The trudge of 2021? And now, a whole new slew of obstacles continuing through 2022 and beyond? Come on. Seriously. There’s something. Whether you realize it or not, recognize it or don’t, fatigue is very much a factor. And nowadays, it comes in many different forms.

Leadership is a different discipline than it was 20, 10, or—ahem—even just two years ago. For owners who have been in business for decades, this presents an important question that may bring to light a juxtaposition: If leadership has evolved, have you evolved with it? Don’t overthink the answer or its implications. As much as leadership has changed and as

Your business is running smoothly, but is it running scalably? If you intend to eventually sell the business and exit with a livable sum, think beyond what works right now. Buyers today want modern businesses that use the latest technology to drive efficiency. Good may not be good enough to sell your business. Aim for great. Fix what’s not broken.

Exiting your business is a life milestone, experience, and transition all at once. If you’re selling the business, the transaction brings ups, downs, twists, and turns that will throw you for a loop no matter how calm and confident you may be. Many professionals will be involved, including attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, business advisors, and brokers. They will ask many