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Last-minute eCommerce preparation is common before the holidays. We are here to help guide you through one of the most unpredictable holidays in our lifetime! Undoubtedly, the biggest shopping time of the year begins Black Friday and continues through December. Typically, this is a crazy busy time for retailers (online and in-person) but throwing a pandemic on top of it

This is the first podcast in Jason’s new series called #CovidConversations.
Jason interviews Amy Fawcett from, a leading HR consulting firm in Southern California. Amy and Jason discuss HR ramifications of Covid 19 and how it is impacting the workplace.
Amy shares some creative ideas for employers who are struggling to adapt to the remote workforce environment. You will

A few quick things:
1. – Want to use Google search like a professional? Here are 40 easy ways to do better searches on Google.
2. Want to know the power of SEO? We just redesigned and rebuilt this WordPress powered site: The owners found our company doing a Google search in Los Angeles for a website design

3 quick things
1. If you are attending a Passover Seder, here’s a thought: Famed Jewish philosopher Eliezer Berkovitz suggested that in the Biblical Creation story when it says that G-d created “light”, it was actually still dark outside (because until that point G-d had only created the “potential” for light). The actual light came later in the story. I

Few quick things this week.
My good friend Richard waits every year for this yearly Ben and Jerry’s offer and practically flies into the US just to eat his fill of every flavor on their dime.
Because so many people asked me if the Hiya robocall app exists for iPhone, here’s a link.
If you like to