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You know you have “it”. You just can’t find “it”. So, after looking and trying hard to remember where you put “it” or last saw “it” you go to the store to replace “it”.
“IT” represents so many things that I can’t even give “it” a name. It’s your keys, glasses, the stapler, the phone charger, your ear buds, wallet,

This is a true story. It’s my story.
I realized late Saturday night that there was a leak in the ceiling of my bedroom. It started as a slow drip and within 8 hours turned into a HUGE project. I’ll spare you the details BUT, basically “they” had to remove the ceiling in my bedroom, do mold remediation and so

As Professional Organizers, we are in other people’s closets almost every day. And, every day, we try to figure out new and different ways to help people find more room and functionality for their clothes and accessories.
Many people call us because they need help to make their closet functional. Some, if not most, need more space. Others want to

Spring is here! Longer days, better weather, flowers in bloom. It is definitely my favorite season.
For some reason springtime is also synonymous with Spring Cleaning and that, in turn, leads to organizing. It’s the time of year that inspires us to purge and organize. So, let’s get to it!
While it may not sound like or actually be fun,

If You Were Organized or Better Organized

As I was selecting a quote for this month’s newsletter, I decided to use the lyrics of John Lennon’s Song “Imagine” (see lyrics below). I thought it was appropriate given the state of the world at the moment. Wouldn’t it be amazing if his words of wisdom were finally realized? I do hope

The health scares and events of the past couple of years, COVID, Delta, Omicron, really made me to stop to think about how important it is to advocate for your health and how organizing plays a big role in that. This is especially true now, more than ever, as our loved ones are not allowed to escort us into most

Downsizing is probably one of the things that we, as Professional Organizers, do most. It seems to be part of every job no matter what the circumstance. Whether someone is organizing, remodeling, moving or dealing with the estate of a loved one, downsizing is always part of the equation.
At one point or another downsizing will be necessary! We all

Managing my clients’ expectations is a huge and SUPER important part of my job as the sole owner of my business. It’s up to me to make sure that there are no misunderstandings, that my clients understand what we’re going to do and when. That they understand and agree to the terms of my contract. It is imperative that we’re all on