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When deciding how to best structure and monitor the retirement plan, employers can benefit by asking themselves:  What if they were building their plan from scratch?  Here are some more specific questions to consider:

  • How should the fund line-up be designed?  Is there an ideal number of funds to have that will maximize participation and minimize confusion?  Do you believe
  • I have identified this list of over 500 retirement plans throughout the Chicago area that are likely paying excessive compensation out of plan assets.  I say likely rathenr than definitely because something may have changed since the most recent 5500 form was filed, and I do not know the specific level of services being provided.  However, being an independent registered

    401(k) plans are seen as a competitive benefit to employees that supposedly enhances the compensation package, but the truth is often just the opposite.  As I have explained before, every dollar that employers contribute in the form of matching or profit sharing contributions could have otherwise been paid out as a bonus.  While the tax deferral brought about by forced