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Honored to be a guest on the Lead to Succeed podcast with Rebecca Jenkins in which we discuss leaders who are leading with self-awareness and how that helps them better communicate and build trust with their teams.
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Humanity is in a bit of a pickle. Carbon dioxide levels are higher now than they have ever been since homo sapiens emerged on the planet some 500,000 years ago.  How will people respond to this major change in our environment? The Enneagram may provide some clues.  Join us for this interactive workshop in which we will explore the many

Action is the antidote to anxiety.
Marianna Grossman, founder and managing partner of Minerva Ventures, shares how she uses her concern for the climate to spur her leadership focused on solutions for a resilient future. She also talks about the joy she gets in bringing people and communities together to address the climate crisis while acknowledging the courage it takes

Have you watched Don’t Look Up, Netflix’s metaphorical story about the climate emergency?  How are you feeling about the climate crisis?  Claudia Truesdell is a climate leader helping people come to grips with their feelings about climate change and providing guidance that helps them translate their feelings into action. In this interview, she shares how her own feelings led her

The Enneagram is a powerful personality dynamics tool, but did you know that it’s also a change management system? Please enjoy this presentation that we delivered to the Project Management Institute’s Los Angeles chapter in which we  share how the Enneagram can be used as a change management problem-solving process.
Many thanks to Alexandra Zhernova and PMI-LA:
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Title: The Nine Problem-Solving Strengths of Teammates
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Description: Come prepared to turn on your video and engage with participants in this interactive workshop in which we explore the nine problem-solving strengths of ourselves and our teammates. One of the biggest challenges a project manager faces is matching the best teammates for each assignment. The Enneagram is