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Award-winning national broadcast journalist and co-founder, host and producer of Green TV, Betsy Rosenberg, focused on getting corporate media to pay attention to the climate crisis for years and felt alone in her mission.  Undaunted, her feelings about the crisis motivated her to persist. Now she’s finding more liked-minded people with a similar vision to have a media outlet –

With older generations living longer and leading healthier lifestyles, amazingly there are now five generations in the workplace!  Each generation brings a distinct style and strength to the workforce. Authors Twiana Armstrong, Kimberly Layne and I discuss how leaders are responding to intergenerational dynamics.
Kimberly Layne:
Twiana Armstrong:
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Leadership historians capturing

Delighted to be in conversation with Kendra Rinaldi, host of the Grief Gratitude Podcast.  On Episode #115, Kendra and I discuss the Enneagram and how different Enneagram types process feelings.
Grief Gratitude Podcast Episode #115:
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Matt Schlegel:
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Author and climate leader David Ligouy focuses on developing green energy solutions for developing countries. His book – Able to Be Human – is currently being translated into English. His organization is an NGO called Peace Movement based on the Resistance Movement in France.  His current project, #BankOnTheClimate, is devoted to producing very economical, light electric vehicles for people in

Gen Z is entering the workforce at an extraordinarily stressful time. Authors Twiana Armstrong, Kimberly Layne and myself discuss what we are seeing, how Gen Z is responding, and what leaders can do.
Kimberly Layne:
Twiana Armstrong:
#Roaring20s #Roaring2020s #MentalHealth #GenZ
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Recently read an article posted in 1999 that read, “Not that the older

Greg Dalton, host and producer of the Climate One podcast, has been creating the podcast for nearly 15 years and is increasingly helping us connect our feelings with the climate crisis. He says he’s “dropping conversations from the head down into the heart.”
Climate One is truly a must-listen for everyone, especially now that climate change has become a central

Enneagram Type 7 leaders are challenged when having to deal with negative situations and emotions.  Mariyah Jahangiri is a Type 7 leader who works with teams in trauma-informed spaces.  She has learned that to be effective in her leadership role, she must make space for conversations about feelings. She says, “society doesn’t curate a safe environment for emotions and feelings.” 

Dario Presezzi, co-founder and CEO of Biotechforce Corporation, started having very strong feelings about climate change about 5 years after starting his firm.  Realizing the importance of his company’s role in helping solve the carbon sequestration problem impassioned him just that much more to make his firm successful.  He shares with us his desperation-to-joy emotional rollercoaster journey.
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Josh Elledge is CEO of Up My Image and host of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast. Josh is an Enneagram Type 7 leader and his enthusiasm and excitement shine through in this conversation.  I am so impressed with Josh’s journey of self-awareness that allows him to surround himself with teammates who complement his style. He has done the work to understand

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I am joined by fellow authors and coaches Kimberly Layne and Twiana Armstrong as we discuss stresses in our Roaring 2020s and how we are coping with them. We provide examples of what we are doing to maintain our mental health.
Kimberly Layne:
Twiana Armstrong:
#Roaring20s #Roaring2020s #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth
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