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The holidays are a hectic time but they are also a perfect occasion to engage in a bit of quiet reflection, to evaluate what has been and identify what’s most important to focus on in the new year.
I use this simple yet incredibly powerful exercise, which I invite you to try too.
As a leader, you can do it

Many of us are excited for a new year to start, possibly even more than usual. Sure, we might have to wait a little longer for certain aspects of our life to go back to normal. But this is an important time to reset and see the past year in a new light, one that can propel us forward in

I love when I look at someone’s bio and see they describe themselves as a lifelong learner. We should all be.Continued learning is crucial to a more fulfilled life and in leadership, it can be one of your most useful tools. It’s about having an insatiable thirst to explore new concepts, approaches, and theories and not settle for what you

“When I embarked on this leadership project, I intended to fix everyone else on my team. The ironic thing is, I am the one who got fixed!”That’s what Eugene, an extremely successful business owner told me laughing at the end of a year-long coaching engagement. The project included him and his company’s executive team, with each person taking several leadership

I have talked to a few clients since most people have started working remotely, and schools have closed, but it is clear we are all moving into a very surreal new normal that could last weeks or months.  For those among us who live alone, “social distancing” means more time spent in isolation without the daily interactions that keep us