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When you start a business, you often have to produce marketing material for cheap or free. Luckily, it’s not that hard these days to find free photos, graphics, and fonts you can use. However, it’s also far too easy to stumble on things that look free, but are actually protected by copyright. As a small business owner, it’s vital to

Many people never notice the contribution limits on their 401(k). They aren’t coming close to saving that much anyway. But others, especially high-income individuals, may find these limits too constraining for the amount they want to save. If you’ve maxed out your 401(k) contributions and want to save more for your retirement, you’ll need to explore other vehicles.

Do You

Do the incentive stock options from your work feel more like a responsibility than a reward? With the right planning, they can be an important investment that helps you reach your financial goals.

Incentive stock options or ISOs are a popular way for employers to compensate their workers and give them a stake in the company. But if you receive

Sometimes it feels like we all do our taxes on the honor system. You report your income, you write off your expenses, but who is checking all that? How do they know you’re telling the truth? Some things the IRS can easily check, like your salary from your job. Others they might only verify if they do an audit.


If you’ve ever considered running for office, it might seem a lofty goal. Doesn’t it cost a lot of money to get elected? Will it take time away from your current job? How can you fundraise without running afoul of campaign finance laws? But running for a minor office doesn’t have to be complicated. It will take a little financial

Your financial plan isn’t something you can set and forget. With every life stage come new challenges and strategies.

At every stage of life, there are financial milestones to navigate. And with each one, there are ways to improve your tax picture. By regularly checking up on your finances, you can optimize your decisions and grow your wealth. This webinar

Everyone knows businesses are supposed to care only about the bottom line. But what if the bottom line could be expanded into something beyond just money? Benefit corporations are companies that prioritize the “triple bottom line” of environmental, social, and financial benefit. By putting the good of the whole community beside financial gains, they can often achieve both goals.


Buying a business is a massive purchase for almost anyone. For this reason, purchases of whole businesses are often financed with debt. In a leveraged buyout, not only is the purchase financed with debt, but the business itself becomes collateral for that debt.

The practice of leveraged buyouts is controversial for many reasons. If it happens to your business or

Your retirement may still be years away. And yet it would be handy to know what your income will be. How much will you need? How much will you have if you stay on your present course? What will your tax bracket be?

While it’s impossible to answer these questions with certainty, you can make a good estimate of your