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Each year, Puget Sound Business Journal Washington Best Workplaces ranks the best places to work based on employee surveys across small, medium, large and extra-large companies in Washington.
The annual Washington’s Best Workplace list is an approval rating for employers throughout the state. It goes beyond the perks and scores to how employees feel about the culture, mission, and values

Do you find yourself at a crossroads in life, juggling the complexities of managing your wealth while contemplating the legacy you’ll leave behind for your loved ones? Well, you’re not alone. Many individuals like you, in the prime of their retirement years, feel the burden of responsibility to provide for the family’s future, wanting to make sure they don’t leave

If you’re retiring after a long career at Microsoft, Amazon, or any other big company, you’ve likely been given company stock as part of your compensation for years. Along the way, you’ve also watched it skyrocket and it now represents a much bigger percentage of your portfolio than you’re comfortable with. As retirement draws nearer, the dramatic day to day

Hello! In this quarter’s 20 Minutes on the Market, we update three of the most common market and economic questions we’ve received in the last quarter:

  • What’s happening with inflation?
  • Will interest rates finally start coming down?
  • How does the market respond to election years?

We hope you find it helpful and invite your feedback and topics you’d like to

Why do 70% of families lose their wealth by the second generation? Why does wealth divide families? And what can you do about it? Two experts join us to weigh in on these important questions:

  • Craig Hamilton spent more than 20 years working with three generations of the Russell family, of Russell Investments and now serves as Alterra’s Strategic Advisor.

It’s clear that financial plans and investments should be reviewed regularly. We need to make sure you’re still on track to reach your goals, ensure portfolios are performing as expected, and look for ways to improve on your current strategies. In many plans, however, we find that life insurance policies are often ignored. But they shouldn’t be!
Why? Here’s and

Case Study: Taking Distributions to Fund Trust-Owned Life Insurance and Mitigate Income and Estate Tax at Death

The Client

  • Mrs. Ira, age 70 with a $8 million net worth, modest lifestyle, and more conservative risk tolerance.
  • $2 million IRA account balance not needed to maintain standard of living during life.
  • Wants to minimize income and estate taxes on the IRA