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With the current downturn in the stock market and raging inflation, it’s tempting to worry about a recession and begin plotting how you’re going to cut staff.  Don’t fall into that trap!  Whether or not a recession actually occurs doesn’t require you to surrender your company.  There is really an opportunity here!   What?  You don’t believe me?  Well, let’s

“…a recession won’t derail the Great Resignation – job seekers will continue to hunt during a downturn. While 70% of respondents believe we’ll be in a recession within six months, 57% say they would still actively look for a job during a recession.”

– Greenhouse Software, Inc.

Preparing your business for a recession usually involves working on your finances, managing

Vulnerability, although uncomfortable at times as a leader, is key. Communicate to your teams where you struggle, be humble and always have a solution to follow to show you are working on yourself as a leader and human being. The results will always surprise you and your teams will thank you.I’d love to hear all your vulnerable leadership moments. Please

8 – Wellness is the newest metric for business


Healthy happy employees, among many many other wonderful things, are more productive at work. Of course, I never advocate for this to be the goal…to have employees be more productive. Instead, I advocate for truly giving a sh!t about your people and their health (all-around holistic health) and doing what

# 5 – AUTOMATE AUTOMATE AUTOMATE so you can focus on your people

That leads me to the question, what is YOUR fav tool for this? What’s the latest and greatest ones? Sexiest ones (I love me some great UX)? Experts, employees, biz owners weigh in.

#6 – Remote work tools also = performance measurement tools

Wait what? What kind

Let’s play “Would you rather”Employers/businesses, would you rather:Pay your employees more money?ORPay them the same and shorten their workweek?Employees, would you ratherGet more $$ and work the same hours?ORGet the same pay and work four days a week?Also, DUH…if a business can go hybrid or full remote and decides to go fully back to the office…of course, they’ll lose their