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“Adapt or die” is the universal guide to business survival
The COVID-19 pandemic made that even clearer, as organizations that quickly shifted operations to meet a pandemic-changed world not only survived but even thrived. The key for these businesses was leadership with the courage to make innovation a priority.

Innovation is a word that opens doors to change. The definition

The best business practices for today’s leadersWhat challenges lie ahead for your growing business? How can you position your company to take advantage of opportunities for rapid growth? Is your organization’s foundation solid to handle these changes? How will growth affect policies and processes now in place?

These are the kind of questions that Direct Perspective, the podcast series

In this episode of the MGMA Insights podcast, we’re joined by Marie Stacks, president of Clinic-ology a part of Boost Midwest.

Marie is a featured speaker at this year’s MGMA’s Operations Conference where she’ll be presenting on how to Amplify Your Front Office MVP and Improve Practice Revenue. for this episode:

From global to local… be prepared to manage your business in any circumstance.
On a recent morning, a software firm, Jawtech, sent 30 team members home. The company wasn’t lacking for work, with three mid-cycle projects and several ongoing contracts to complete, nor was it related to positive Covid-19 cases. And, after shifts in vendors and adjustments to project timelines,

Industry leaders warn practices to embrace change

The coronavirus pandemic hit the healthcare industry in meteoric fashion, and technology continues to help medical practices shift, adapt and adjust.

Since early 2020, models of delivering patient care have dramatically changed, along with staffing challenges and a marked increase in the clinical content required by front and back office medical professionals.


Ready, Set, Go!
No one likes to predict failure, but in project management doing so can be a valuable tool. A project pre-mortem is a management strategy that asks the team to imagine that the project it’s getting ready to launch has failed.While many teams perform a project post-mortem to document what worked and what
didn’t, the pre-mortem is before

“Be ready for anything!” This may be the truest statement right now across business, economy, and society overall. And healthcare is far from exempt. In fact, medical practices are among the industries most affected by the rapid changes the world has witnessed in the past two years. So, the ability to adapt predicted and unforeseen change is crucial to maintaining

Many project managers are well-versed in the processes and methodologies that help track and manage projects, their schedules, and all their moving parts. But how long has it been since your organization or an outside consultant reviewed them in light of new automation tools available?Project managers should know that artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are increasingly opening new pathways in

Every healthcare organization no matter what size faces challenges during periods of growth and change.

And a major challenge for small- and medium-size practices, in particular, is maintaining efficient operations across front and back office processes and teams that ties in with procedures used by both your hands-on medical staff and the payer mix of patient insurers.
Leadership should make

Are supply chain shortages, delays and the frequent inability of businesses to respond to current demand temporary or permanent?

While the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in challenges in finding the materials businesses need to meet their needs, many experts say that this will not change anytime soon.
And those organizations that adopt an agile supply methodology may be better positioned for