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Time is money. Time is of essence. Timing is everything. These stock phrases hold essential truths for people, organizations and project management.

When managing projects, time is a valuable resource that can make or break the project’s success. And while time management tips are as easy to follow, managing a project takes specific time management skills.

But don’t worry. By

Stand-up meetings are short meetings lasting anywhere from 5-15 minutes and take the place of traditional, longer meetings. Team members remain standing as a reminder that this is a quick, boots-on-the-ground-type meeting and to keep everyone on point.

Research backs the idea of these meetings up. Stand-up meetings are shown to:

  • Reduce meeting time. Stand-up meetings reduce meeting time by

Given the changes in how businesses operate in the current climate — made exceptional by the COVID-19 pandemic and its continuing effect on employment, finances, the global supply chain, and health and safety protocols — day-to-day operations in many cases are also changing, sometimes on a weekly or monthly basis.

The backbone of operations-on-the-ground is the administrative and organizational system

Innovation. Change. Growth. Those three words can strike both hope and fear into business organizations, because company leaders know that it’s at times of growth that organizations face the most challenges.

The Boost Midwest AIM Workshop helps organizations manage times of high growth through its methodology of analyze, innovate, and manage.

Its goal: “To take the guesswork out of change

If you’ve spent any length of time in the workplace, you have probably experienced the two basic work environments out there: healthy and unhealthy.
This translates to toxic and nontoxic workplaces. And one of the intrinsic truths of workplace toxicity is that while we know when we’ve found a stable, supportive and emotionally healthy workplace, we’re usually not as quick

The 2020 pandemic year has turned into the 2021 pandemic, and many nonprofits continue to scramble to stay financially afloat. But now, hopefully their focus has turned from their own survival as a nonprofit back to providing programs and services. Foundations and corporate philanthropy shifted in 2020 to allow nonprofits more flexibility in spending funding awards, so that they could

Why a proposal should be built with the program’s delivery defined and sustainability the focusDeliverable: A completed process, product, or learning experience or other entity specifically promised or strongly implied by a project’s award agreement to satisfy the purpose of a grant.

A deliverable is any tangible outcome that is produced by the project. These can be documents, plans, computer

The quality of an organization’s leadership is key to its potential for success. And just as companies and nonprofits scrambled to adjust to the challenges of the year-long pandemic, leaders now face a business world that is permanently changed.

“Through my work and research with teams this year, and through my many interviews with thought leaders, it is abundantly clear

Forward thinkers in business often point to the model of the three-legged stool to emphasize three essentials in operations: knowledge, tools/skills and expectations. All are needed to empower operations teams to be efficient, resolve issues, and succeed. And these critical components should be built into a company’s organization in order to drive top performances from team members.

“The bad leader

Interview with an entrepreneur: Marie StacksOriginally Featured in the Conductor’s July 2021 Blog Post
Marie Stacks

Boost Midwest


July 2021

“By being in my seat, I’m normalizing the idea that a woman being a leader, a wife, and a mom all at the same time is possible”

In 2018, Marie Stacks founded Boost Midwest because she recognized the need