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Leadership development and succession planning, in particular, may be the most critical aspect of continuous improvement. No matter how much money or time we invest in upgrading our aging systems or standardizing operations across sites or even extending our customer reach, we put our organizations at great risk if we do not build healthy pipelines of leaders capable of succeeding in their current roles and advancing to the next level. With nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers reaching retirement age every day, many of our current leaders will not be in their roles for much longer. Many of the people eagerly awaiting…
Do you ever find yourself only paying attention to information that interests you? Do you ever interrupt someone who is speaking to you to make your own point? Perhaps you simply tune out people you don’t like or multi-task at your computer while only listening out of one ear when you have to communicate with Continue reading →
Family businesses are perhaps the most complex organizations combining two different and potentially conflicting value systems – the family and the business. Very few family business leaders successfully implement a “both/and” approach to managing this inherent overlap between their family and their business to effectively prioritize both at the same time. Neither is right nor Continue reading →