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The Elephant in the Room
We have long held that the Fed has been the dominant force in both the stock and bond markets. Rates going down? Then markets are moving up, and vice versa. That has generally been true since the recovery started in 2009. More recently, the Fed has taken a back seat. As far as the stock

The Future of NVIDIA with Philip Panaro | Philip Palumbo
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Philip Panaro has more than 25 years of experience facilitating large-scale digital transformations in Fortune 500 firms. He has acquired expertise in a broad range of topics around IT (digital, metaverse, blockchain, AI, crypto, ar/vr, web3.0, cyber, BPO). As a result, he was

Confused yet?
It was a week of inconsistencies.

    • Inflation has been down; now CPI and PPI are up.
    • Retail sales were strong; now they are weak.
    • Manufacturing PMIs are up; Industrial production is down.
    • Lay-off announcements are up; initial jobless claims are down.

For a data dependent Fed trying to time interest rate reductions, the data isn’t helping very much.

Monthly Jobs Report, FED Rate Cuts, Private Equity | Bloomberg Interview
I was recently interviewed by Bloomberg discussing my thoughts on Monthly Jobs Report, FED Rate Cuts, Private Equity and much more.
Please watch as I give my thoughts on these pressing issues effecting the stock market and your wealth.

Palumbo Wealth Management (PWM) is a registered investment advisor. Advisory

Creating Community: An Interview with Chad Price | Philip Palumbo
Chad Price is an experienced entrepreneur with an impressive track record. He founded Kettlebell Kings back in 2012, shortly after leaving the corporate world. Roughly ten years later, he was able to orchestrate a 3 year multi-million dollar acquisition in 2021.
In 2019, Chad pivoted into another passion of his,

Tug of War
The stock market rally continued this week, but in between there was a lot of up and down action. The S&P 500 Index fell 1.6% on Wednesday, but still managed to gain 1.4% for the week as the market eventually managed to ignore the Fed’s rate cut delay. The yield on the 10-Year Treasury, which ended last

Tax Time!
The IRS has officially announced that it will commence accepting and processing tax-year 2023 returns starting on Monday, January 29, 2024.
To streamline your filing process and expedite potential tax refunds, the IRS offers the following recommendations:
1. Ensure you have received essential documents like Form W-2 and other income-related forms, such as Form 1099, from your employers

Emerging Technology
On Wednesday, we had our Future of AI and Healthcare Innovation event, with Marc Weiss, CIO of Open Field Capital, covering AI and more general technology and Marc Pentopoulos, CIO of Vista Point Capital, covering focusing on biotechnology and healthcare technology. If you were able to join us, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed

Approaching Data Analysis with Veneta Dimitrova | Philip Palumbo
Veneta Dimitrova is the Senior U.S. Economist for Ned Davis Research. She is the primary person responsible for formulating the U.S. economic outlook and identifying macroeconomic trends, particularly as they relate to developments in U.S. fixed income and equity markets. Veneta’s focus in recent years has been on trends in the

As of Jan 11, we now have several spot Bitcoin ETFs, making ownership of Bitcoin crypto currency as simple as buying a stock. As that day approached, the thought was that when this easy avenue for investment opened up, Bitcoin would jump in price as both institutional and retail investors piled in. On that first day, bitcoin jumped, but