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Marcia talks with text expert and CEO of LeadFerno, Aaron Weiche how to communicate with your prospects and customers in the most convenient and natural method via text messaging. Aaron explains that many will read and respond to a text message on the phone in their hand yet rarely open or reply to an email. It’s a way to communicate

Marcia talks with author, podcaster, speaker & buy/sell expert David C Barnett about what to expect when selling your company also from the angle of the buyer’s side.   David explains important factors that sellers need to have in place so that buyers don’t look for discounts.  And buyers are always looking for ways to discount the price. You don’t need

Marcia brings contrarian financial planner, Barry S Rutten, back to continue the financial conversation for business owners.  Barry and I discuss ways that business owners can plan for retirement.  There are many strategies that are available to businesses beyond the traditional ideas that corporate employees are used to.   Business owners need more options to put away enough money to keep

Marcia talks with business scaling stratologist, Dr. Theresa Ashby about how we must meet our customer’s needs by having digital products that they can use.  Whether it is an onboarding document that they can fill out before the appointment to courses, surveys, FAQs, how-to videos, and more.  All businesses from plumbers to dentists should be adding digital products to their

Marcia talks with partnership Attorney, Tamara Pow about ways to create successful partnerships and plan for a lasting business marriage. There are many ways that can sabotage a once great relationship and a few key ways to make it truly successful. Tamara has seen too many failures and helps her clients to build fair arrangements that grow with the firm.Connect

Marcia talks with a creative business mind, Chelsey Roney of, a collaborative map-sharing program about how easy it is to share your favorite locations on a map. It’s also a great way to get your business some additional exposure and SEO.Chelsey’s free collaborative map-sharing app is @
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Marcia talks with public relations expert, Max Muir about how we can control the narrative that our prospective customers are viewing about us. We can showcase our best side and warm our viewers up before they even speak with us by getting published in major publications & sites. Max proves how it happened to his small firm and elevated them

Marcia talks with a marketer, author, & WSJ cartoonist, Stu Heinecke about how finding a weed growing on the Santa Monica freeway lead to his idea to grow businesses by using the same determination, tenacity, & survival that weeds use. Stu shares great stories that we can use to grow our own businesses.Stu is offering some great resources & the

Marcia talks with sales expert, Drew Williams about how to have more success by using a sales playbook. Sales are the most important part of every business, with a playbook, your sales metrics will improve. Drew explains that the entire process should be mapped out from lead to close and from delivery to follow-up. There are two primary reasons to

Marcia talks with Certified Financial Planner, Barry S. Rutten of Wealth Defense about the risks that most businesses face. In today’s podcast, Barry brings to light the challenges that we may not have thought of in running our business. He also shares ways to avoid, offset, and transfer those risks in ways that could save thousands to millions of dollars.Barry