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The Challenge

Documents needed for personal injury claim

AT Law Group handles a lot of personal injury cases, and where personal injury is involved there is a lot of paperwork. A single caseload could include a thousand emails a week. The client and their doctors send the law firm medical records, medical bills, insurance policies and personal injury journals.


There are a lot of project management solutions out there. They are bright and colorful. Some are even easy to use. To encourage discussion and manage projects in our team and with our vendors and clients, we use ClickUp.

Here’s why:

1. Gantt charts improve task breakdown and forecasting

Gantt charts, integrated into our project management system, have revolutionized the


HeadquartersChicago, IL

Company Size13 employees


Founded by immigrants, this boutique full-service immigration law firm is dedicated to its clients and their cases. They pride themselves on being responsive to clients and potential clients, but as they began to receive more and more inquiries, they realized their processes were slowing them down, impacting their service, and holding them

IndustryFinancial Firm

HeadquartersTorrance, CA

Company Size5-8 employees

THE CHALLENGE – Customizing Communication for New Leads

It is an undeniable fact that all businesses need new business. Reaching and engaging with quality leads is critical for the success of a financial advisory firm. What better way to woo potential clients than with personalized communication based on their buyer persona profile. 

This Torrance

IndustryFamily Law Practice

HeadquartersChicago, IL

Company Size11 employees


It’s no surprise that when a company experiences growth — especially a merger — that processes need to be reviewed and updated. For this Chicago law firm, that was the case. After merging two firms together, they realized that their intake process was cumbersome and prevented them from growing. 


It goes without saying that security is important, especially for small businesses where employees may be sharing accounts. Many are likely using basic passwords that could easily be hacked. Even worse, sharing usernames and passwords via email or in shared documents can get risky.

        How to Ensure Your Business Passwords are Secure
        If the same email log-in is being paired

        With dozens of online form builders to choose from, it can be hard to know which one to pick. One we particularly love is JotForm. With JotForm, you get an advanced, feature-rich form building platform that’s also intuitive and easy to use.
        Here are 5 reasons why we love JotForm:

      • Professional Form Templates and Widgets
      • With JotForm’s library of thousands

        Unsure of which Microsoft 365 is best for your business? We hear this a lot from our clients.
        There are so many different options and add ons. Check out the comparison chart below to easily compare plans.

        $5 user/month 
        Best for users that need easy remote solutions, with Microsoft Teams, secure cloud storage, and Office Online. 
        (web and mobile versions only; desktop

        Anytime you are sending or receiving confidential information, it’s critical to stay compliant. As many of our clients are in healthcare, finance, and law we experience this on a daily basis. 

        Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips we often share with our clients:

        Step 1: Ensure your environment is compliant 
        The first piece of the puzzle

        When a business starts to take off, it feels incredible. What does NOT feel quite as good is the increase in admin work. A common pain-point that begins to happen is leads falling through the cracks. Owners get caught up in the actual work that needs to get finished, and they do not always prioritize prospective clients. If you own a small