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The StoryIt’s no secret that, like fashion, industries and sectors have trends. Fundraising follows a similar pattern. What’s “hot” one year may not be hot the next year, and so forth. Trends come and go, sometimes very quickly. Back in 2021 when the pandemic was raging, people were staying home and ordering tons of stuff online. Logistics / fulfillment was

Jan Robertson speaks on ACG national panel April 8th , part of a four part series on Trends in Tech M&A Dealmaking. In this series of short clips, Jan provides an update on the blockbuster Q1 2021 for M&A deals – best on record since early 1980s – what’s driving this robust dealmaking activity, plus some cautionary notes as to what factors

Perhaps you are a founder/owner of a high-growth tech company that needs capital and other resources that a larger company in your sector could provide? Perhaps you own a well-established business and are considering retirement? Perhaps you’ve recently been approached by interested buyers in your industry? All of these are valid reasons you may be pondering whether now is the

Disruption in Supply Chains – What If? Scenarios 

A year ago, if you had even suggested that people would be forced to stay in their homes, businesses would be closed, and the hottest commodity around would be toilet paper, people would have laughed. Fast forward to May 2020, not many people are laughing. Supply Chain Management (SCM) has become one

May 2020 Update

It’s not all doom and gloom in the M&A market, despite what you may have heard. The rapid shift to remote workforce, distance learning and managing dispersed teams has heightened the need for collaboration tools, video conferencing and enhanced cybersecurity.  

Smart logistics and AI for efficient supply chain management is even more critical in the post

Perhaps you have been thinking about selling your business in the next year or two, having heard about the robust M&A market and high sale values in recent times. You may have even begun some planning in this regard. However, with the covid-19 pandemic continuing its spread, impacting our lives and businesses, it’s difficult to focus on anything but the