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3 Simple Steps You Can Take to Improve Website Security
Your website’s security is vital to your company. If you leave even one small door open for hackers, your entire company could be compromised. Your customers could have their data, including credit card numbers, stolen. You could lose proprietary information or have your website taken down from the inside out.

Website Analytics – The Full Guide
“Understand users’ behavior and your site health, and improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.”
Yep, you’ve probably heard that answer.

Can we elaborate a little bit so you know what you’re even looking at? What do website analytics allow you to do? Is this really relevant for your business, in

Blockchain Website Design
Remember what it was like hearing buzzwords like “blockchain” and “web 3.0” for the first time?
We’ve all read those helpful definitions that left us even more puzzled than we were upon arrival.
Is it a platform? A technology? Digital money?

Maybe you know how blockchain works, but most people still haven’t the faintest idea.
That’s gotta

Monthly SEO Maintenance
You could probably list some benefits of SEO in your sleep, right?
Things like:

  • Better reach and brand visibility so new leads can find you
  • High SERP ranking so new leads can find you
  • Great site architecture and useful content so new leads are glad they found you…

Not exactly news. You’re probably investing in it already.

eCommerce Web Design Packages
Outsourcing web design tasks as you go is a losing strategy.
You end up:

  • Spending too much time on each task
  • Letting issues run rampant, unaddressed
  • Chronically spot-treating one disaster after the other
  • Going way over your budget to fix things later
  • Risking poor performance, UX, and UI

Hiring experts to do bits and bobs “as

How Lethargic Website Maintenance Can Ruin Your E-commerce Business
Like many parts of your business, websites need to be maintained to remain effective and efficient. While your website may bring in a large amount of traffic early on thanks to your launch campaign and relevant SEO, you may find that its performance drops off over time. As you bring in

Guide To Website Maintenance & SEO
Putting all your eggs in one SEO basket?
SEO is a great strategy to build a loyal customer base and get your website to the top of the internet world.
But if you want to get anywhere with your SEO, your website needs to be consistent, reliable, and safe.
We’re not just saying that

WordPress Website Maintenance: Why, When & How To Do It + Cost
Malware. Data loss. Poor UX.
Unfortunately, these business nightmares become reality for too many companies. Since 40% of websites are built using WordPress, this platform is a popular target for hackers.
WordPress website maintenance is the support and protection you need to make sure your performance is consistently

7 Key User Engagement Metrics for Your Website
So… have you been tracking user engagement on your site?
Chances are you haven’t, and here’s why:

  • You’re not sending cart abandonment emails
  • Your website’s navigation is confusing – especially on mobile
  • Your product pages are boring and don’t include social proof

It’s okay. These mistakes are super common – but they’re

Dare To Be Different – 7 Innovative Website Engagement Ideas + Examples
If we ask you – what sort of engagement do you get on your website?
And you’re sitting there like…

Then pour yourself a coffee and read this blog.
Because in 2022, there’s no excuse for poor user engagement on your website.
It’s never