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Many senior leaders report feeling overwhelmed. They are stretched in too many ways and directions. Their days have become too long and exhausting. Meetings fill up their working hours to the point they must catch up on other work in the evenings. This is especially overwhelming for leaders who are also balancing their kids’ activities and schoolwork.
So, what can

Here we are again, a new calendar year in front of us. For many, it is a clean slate to reinvent themselves and their worlds. How about you?

What if this became the year you finally make your life and work world a better fit for you, without having to limit yourself to what others expect of you?

My goal

Skills and experience are usually the elements we focus on when we try to hire the right person for a job. Yet, there are other crucial considerations that we often overlook:

  • How the person’s instinctive abilities influence how they will approach tasks;
  • Whether the hire’s natural strengths match – or clash with – the way they are expected to perform

Having great talent on your team doesn’t do much unless you know how to make the most of everyone’s innate abilities and understand the dynamics they create when working together. If the team members don’t have a sense of their collective synergies (or lack thereof), they will work against each other, causing team conflicts and misunderstandings that can lead to

Collaborations problems can happen when you work with people who have an instinctive way of performing tasks and solving problems that’s different from your own. You might get in each other’s way to the point of frustration.
This is more so when you are not aware of the real issue. You can get annoyed with how others are going about

The most successful leaders see themselves as mentors and coaches.
They realize that their job is not to always be the smartest person in the room but to nurture their team to come up with their own solutions and innovative ideas.
They understand that their responsibility is not solely to meet the company’s goals but to help co-workers and direct