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The most successful leaders see themselves as mentors and coaches.
They realize that their job is not to always be the smartest person in the room but to nurture their team to come up with their own solutions and innovative ideas.
They understand that their responsibility is not solely to meet the company’s goals but to help co-workers and direct

“I know leading with empathy is important. I just don’t know how to do it.” This is what I hear from many senior leaders and managing partners I coach.
There’s a lot of talk about empathy as a fundamental leadership strength, yet many leaders are not empathetic. They got where they are because they worked hard and demonstrated excellence in

“You can buy their hands. You can train their heads. But until you have their hearts, you will never have their whole person.” – Warren Barry, Leadership Consultant
I often coach senior executives and managing partners who are trying to understand how to be great leaders. They are subject matter experts in their fields and their excellence has helped them

The holidays are a hectic time but they are also a perfect occasion to engage in a bit of quiet reflection, to evaluate what has been and identify what’s most important to focus on in the new year.
I use this simple yet incredibly powerful exercise, which I invite you to try too.
As a leader, you can do it