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The security of sensitive data is paramount in today’s digitally driven business world. Whether your company operates in the legal or accounting and finance industry, you’re constantly protecting protected information from cyber attacks.

Unfortunately, some of this risk is created when your employees share passwords between each other at work. So how do you counter these threats?

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Whether you’re a business owner or a manager of a high performing team, you’re likely clued into the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). 

And since this tech is here to stay, we think it’s important that you know how to best use AI for your business. Harnessing the power of this up-and-coming technology in your business operations can provide transformative

In today’s complex digital environment, many business owners or managers find themselves lying awake at night contemplating cybersecurity concerns. 

They worry about possible cyberattacks, the challenge of adhering to compliance standards, and the financial implications of integrating cybersecurity into their daily operations. And the more they think and worry, the more they consider hiring cyber security IT companies.

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur managing a startup, an executive at a multinational corporation, or a conscientious professional, you’re here because you realize one thing: data privacy compliance isn’t a choice, it’s an imperative.

In today’s digital era, we create, share, and store more information than ever before. Simultaneously, breaches, identity theft, and data misuse are hitting the headlines with alarming

As an IT and cybersecurity firm with years of experience, the Swift Chip team sees it all. In this blog, we want to use that firsthand knowledge to talk about identity theft and how important it is to protect yourself.

Many people don’t think it can ever happen to them and leave themselves vulnerable. That’s a mistake!

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In today’s fast-paced, tech-driven world, cybercriminals are constantly on the lookout for their next victims. Phishing attacks, in particular, pose a significant threat to both you and your businesses. 

First, what are phishing scams? They’re malicious schemes that use emails or texts to target unsuspecting users like you, aiming to steal sensitive information and wreak havoc. 

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You probably already used the cloud in your everyday life. Think about when you transfer files through Google Drive or make your iPhone storage go a bit further by signing up to Apple’s iCloud. 

But cloud technologies aren’t only for individuals! In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, harnessing the power of the cloud has become a game-changer for businesses as well—no

Cyber threats are constantly evolving—what companies need to worry about these days didn’t even exist years ago! So, what do you do to protect you and your company from these challenges?

Having a strong understanding of cybersecurity and well thought out IT solutions will definitely help. But what many companies overlook is the importance of effective cybersecurity employee training.


In a world increasingly driven by digital technology, cybersecurity threats continue to plague businesses daily. To counter these increased dangers, it’s critical for companies to conduct cybersecurity risk assessments.

At Swift Chip, we believe that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to cybersecurity. Every organization, including yours, faces its own unique set of security risks, which means that

In today’s digital age, protecting your customers’ information is of critical importance for businesses. That’s why we feel the need to talk about something that affects every company that handles customer information: data security.

Enter the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information, otherwise known as the FTC Safeguards Rule. The purpose of the Safeguards Rule is