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The “Big D” doesn’t stand for the “Big Disaster.” It stands for defaults, and when it comes to defaults and note investing you’ll want to know your options.
When I talk to potential note investors, they always ask, “What if the borrower defaults?” I’m always glad when they bring up the topic of defaults (which I call the “Big D”)

My wife’s grandmother was a very wise woman, but her type of wisdom didn’t come from Harvard or Yale. She had the rare wisdom that only comes from growing up on a farm in the Midwest. Wisdom that can be turned into tips for building wealth no matter where you live.
Her type of wisdom is in short supply today!

Mortgage Notes and Note Investing offer solid returns to grow — and double your money.
When you consider all the options available to grow your money, the best option may not even be on your radar. We are not talking about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or precious metals — we are talking about mortgage notes and note investing! They are

Whether you’re buying Mortgage Notes from a broker or performing your own due diligence careful underwriting is always prudent. Working with a seller you know and trust lessens the need for in depth investigation. However, if you’re working with a seller or broker for the first time you should always verify the critical information to the best of your ability.

If mortgage notes were risk-free, they wouldn’t require underwriting. While these notes come with a variety of risk/reward profiles, none are risk-free and thus all require some degree of underwriting. This is important to individual investors who want to add mortgage notes to their portfolios. Although the notes are collateralized by real estate, it takes a significant amount of due