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In financial planning, we talk a lot about risk—how much risk you can afford to take with your investments, what kinds of risk to look out for, how risk affects potential reward, and how to mitigate risks in your own life. These are pretty standard “risk topics” financial advisors address with their clients all the time, men and women alike.

Divorce is an extremely turbulent, stressful, and emotional process during which women are tasked with making some of the most important financial decisions of their lives. For better or worse, the reverberations from these financial decisions will impact them for years (if not decades) into the future.
So how do women approach such an emotionally charged time with a clear

We are living in challenging times. Economically, personally, spiritually—there have been no shortage of life-changing events impacting our lives over these last few years. 
This past month is no exception with the tragic unfolding of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It goes without saying that we are deeply saddened by this conflict and hope that a diplomatic resolution will be