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Negative Option Marketing Overview:

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) broadly defines “negative option marketing” as a category of transactions where a consumer customer’s failure to take affirmative action, either to reject an offer or cancel an agreement, is interpreted as consent to be charged for goods or services. This shifts the conventional buyer-seller relationship, making subsequent offers deemed accepted unless

Today, more of our lives are being conducted digitally by email, blogs, social media accounts, computer storage of digital pictures and online bank and investment accounts. However, many individuals may not realize that these digital assets are an essential consideration in estate planning. 

Currently, some states such as California, Florida and Michigan have enacted laws concerning the treatment of digital

What is a contract review?
A contract review is the process of thoroughly examining the key provisions of an agreement. The objective of a contract review is to confirm the enforceability of the contract and ensure it has fair and reasonable terms. 

The review process may involve identifying potential risks and liabilities, recommending modifications, and negotiating changes that aim to

Today, more and more people are delaying marriage for a variety of reasons, whether it be to become more established in their careers, pursue other interests, or that they simply do not want to get married. While many people believe they do not need to have an estate plan because they are not married or do not have children, this

Advantages of Mediation

Divorce or legal separation can be one of the most difficult and traumatic life experiences. This is particularly true when divorce is an adversarial, court driven process. Mediationa valuable alternative to litigation—is non adversarial. It is client driven, private, confidential, and less expensive than other forms of resolution. Instead of the court making major life

California litigation can take years to resolve, even with case management rules which can put the parties on a quick timeline towards trial. If your adversary dies before the case resolves, what do you do? That depends. If your dispute is particularly acrimonious, you might be tempted to celebrate. That’s fine, but don’t let it get in the way of

Lawsuits in real estate transfers can include breach of contract allegations, and also fraud allegations if the seller failed to properly disclose defects in the purchased residence.

The residential purchase agreement includes a separate form called Transfer Disclosure Statement (“TDS”). This form is required to disclose any known defects in a residential property containing up to four dwelling units. Civil

Governor Gavin Newsom signed several new laws that will take effect at the start of 2023. Here are 5 new laws to be aware of as we ring in the new year!

Minimum Wage Increase

California’s minimum wage will increase to $15.50. The new state salary threshold will increase to $64,480. Fast food minimum wage will increase to $22 per

The prevailing party in a lawsuit can recover their attorney’s fees from their opponent if there is a statute or contract providing this recovery. However, courts are allowed to reduce the amount of fees awarded if it appears that the attorney over-litigated the case.

It’s not unusual to receive a motion for award of attorney’s fees where, on close examination