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We don’t know who told millennials that life insurance is for “older people” but that person needs to be stopped. If you’re a professional that handles the finances of millennials, then you’re in a good position to steer them in the right direction. And if they try to dispute your claim that it’s best to acquire life insurance in their

A life insurance medical exam is a standard part of the application process, during which an applicant undergoes a brief medical assessment. The primary purpose is to evaluate an applicant’s overall health and determine the level of risk they pose to an insurance company. This also helps in securing the most affordable rates, as premiums are significantly influenced by an

Cyberattacks like the recent ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline which shut down one of the nation’s largest gasoline pipelines and caused long lines at gas station pumps are newsworthy and they are certainly a threat to any company today. But the biggest threat to your company may be within your company in terms of employee misconduct and fraud.

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Here are some effective strategies to help tackle the challenge of employee turnover:

  • Prioritize Employee Engagement:
    • Actively involve your team members in decision-making processes and encourage open communication.
    • Recognize and appreciate their contributions regularly.
    • Provide opportunities for professional development and growth within the practice.

    2. Foster a Positive Work Culture:

    • Cultivate a supportive and inclusive

    Navigating through a reduction in staffing is undoubtedly a challenging time for the organization, the individuals in transition, and those who remain. The emotional toll on the individuals impacted is significant and obvious, however an event can also leave those who remain in the organization feeling untethered, disengaged, and possibly unwilling to fully commit to a go-forward plan.

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    Operational maturity refers to the efficiency, reliability, and consistency with which the provider delivers its services. It includes the organization’s ability to effectively manage processes, mitigate risks, and maintain high-quality standards throughout its operations. Mature service providers consistently leverage best practices throughout their organization, employ well-defined processes, and display a proven record of providing consistent results to clients. This maturity

    Attorneys have recognized the essence of excellent IT strategies. Having a dedicated managed IT for your law firm lets you safeguard your clients’ data and encrypt various forms of communication to maintain the highest level of security and privacy. This is crucial for remaining compliant with the numerous state regulatory and ethical requirements expected of lawyers. Managed IT services also

    While technology affects everyone, technology has a big effect on professional services firms. In our decade-plus experience managing technology, we’ve found that productivity is at the core of technology’s impact on professional services. Companies in the professional services arena tend to be very dependent on people. Whether the company bills clients for employee hours or not, time is money for