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A lot of California divorces are uncontested. Both spouses acknowledge that the relationship is over and work together to decide key issues like child custody and support, property division, and alimony. Sometimes a divorce becomes contested when there’s a disagreement in any of these matters, but ultimately resolution can be achieved through negotiation or litigation.
When your spouse doesn’t respond

Surrounding Yourself with Support During a Divorce – San Diego Divorce Mediation
When you go through a divorce you may find yourself losing friends. It’s sad but normal. Some of your married friends won’t know what to do with a single friend or they may feel vulnerable about their own marriage. It doesn’t matter the reason, just know it likely

Importance of Taking Swift Action & Making Deliberate Decisions With Scott Levin & Lara Brunstrom

Chief PeaceKeeper Scott Levin sits down with Divorce Coach Lara Brunstrom of Sterling Fire Divorce ( to discuss the importance of taking swift action in your divorce while also employing deliberate decision-making.
Great discuss that you can’t afford to skip if you’re

Real-Life Advice on Conquering Divorce, Co-Parenting Through Conflict, and Becoming Your Best Self

Chief PeaceKeeper Scott Levin sits down with Michelle Dempsey-Multack to discuss her new book: Moms Moving On: Real-Life Advice on Conquering Divorce, Co-Parenting Through Conflict, and Becoming Your Best Self.
We discuss her advice for women going through divorce and how the focus on achieving

So you’ve decided to get a divorce. Making that decision was probably the hardest part, what comes next is only as difficult a process as you make it. If you are able to collaborate with your soon-to-be former spouse and can choose mediation rather than litigation then there’s a much better chance that the next few steps will be a

Custody: What are your options?
The types of custody situations that you should be prepared to consider when you start the divorce process with minor-aged children are generally standard. The path to getting to the place where you are agreeing on a schedule is not. For a couple with children deciding to divorce in California you will file with the

In California, the divorce process can take months or even years, depending on whether you have children, the size and complexity of the marital estate, and whether there is a dispute that requires litigation to resolve. For example, if you and your spouse have only been together a couple of years and have no children, your case will be less