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A “gap in treatment” refers to a period of time during which an individual who has suffered a personal injury does not seek medical treatment or stops receiving medical care for their injuries. This gap can occur for various reasons, such as financial constraints, belief that the injury will resolve on its own, or simply not recognizing the severity of

In its January 30, 2024, decision in Park v. Kim, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit responded to an attorney who submitted a reply brief in the appeal that cited a nonexistent case that, as it turns out, the attorney obtained through ChatGPT.

The Court informed Counsel it could not locate the case and requested she

Recovering from E-Bike Accidents: Your Complete Legal Guide

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Dealing with the aftermath of an e-bike accident can seem overwhelming.

Preparing for winter weather? In Washington, snowstorms can pose challenges for unprepared drivers. The upcoming forecast predicts cold temps and precipitation later this week. If you plan to be on the roads, here are some tips to ensure you’re ready:

1. Prepare Your Vehicle:

Ensure your vehicle is winter-ready by checking the battery, tires, brakes, and fluids. Keep your gas

Auto injuries can happen in a variety of ways, but one often overlooked cause is unsecured loads. When items on a vehicle are not properly secured, they can become dangerous projectiles, leading to accidents and injuries. Understanding the risks associated with unsecured loads is crucial for both drivers and pedestrians. 
This article will discuss the risks associated with unsecured loads,

Auto Accident Preparedness: Choosing the Right Car Insurance for Commuters in Washington

As a commuter in Washington, securing the right car insurance is crucial. It provides protection from unexpected costs and adds a layer of security to your daily travels. Shockingly, 1 in 5 Washington State drivers lacks insurance, so if you’re involved in an auto accident, having a good

Having a clear understanding of comparative negligence in an automobile accident is crucial when it comes to claims and subsequent compensation. In cases where an accident occurs, each driver involved shares a certain degree of fault under what is known as comparative carelessness or comparative fault. Determining this level of culpability is based on a variety of factors, such as

Accidents resulting in personal injuries can have serious consequences that negatively impact various aspects of your life. The aftermath of an unfortunate incident can lead to significant medical expenses, lost income, and emotional strain. It is crucial to remember that you possess the right to pursue complete restitution when you have been injured.

When dealing with personal injury claims, there