Human Resources

No matter how far you’ve come in life, you’re still held back by a limiting factor. Even if you’re a billionaire, there is something that’s preventing you from having more. Some of us are currently more limited than others, but we all have limitations. And those limitations change. When one limitation is overcome, another is […]

An Offer Letter They Can’t Refuse It’s hiring time! You’ve reviewed the applications, interviewed lots of fascinating people, and are ready to extend an offer. You’ve worked hard to get to this point, not only to find the right person, but also to sell them on the job. You’re probably both excited and nervous. You […]

A Balancing Act or a Glimpse into the Crystal Ball

When open enrollment season rolls around, it can often feel like you need psychic powers to make the right choices. After all, predicting your health needs for the upcoming year isn’t exactly straightforward. You may be looking at multiple plans and thinking, how do I choose the right health insurance

Even the most seasoned employees make mistakes. As a leader, your role involves guiding them through both triumphs and these inevitable failures along the way. But how do you inspire them to keep going without killing their confidence or motivation?

It’s not a quick fix, but helping your employees overcome failure is a skill all managers must develop. And it

There are a few steps you can take to help your employees remember to clock out for breaks and meal periods: 1. Ask employees why they’re forgetting. There may be contributing factors worth addressing. You can also ask for feedback on what may not be working well with the current timekeeping procedures. 2. Review your […]

Human resources (HR) strategy is incredibly important to any business.

Although many people associate HR with day-to-day responsibilities such as payroll, benefits administration and employee time and attendance tracking, this is tactical HR and only half of the equation.

HR strategy, on the other hand, guides HR professionals toward reaching business objectives while aligning with company values. It encompasses

If you feel lonely at work, you’re not alone. It may be the natural result of technology that reduces face to face interactions and increases the number of remote employees. It’s a subject that’s receiving more attention lately. Research suggests that loneliness affects the whole company as well as the individual employee. In addition to […]