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Post pandemic, we know that employers are struggling to attract and retain talent. According to Zywave’s 2022 Attraction and Retention Survey, more than 75% of employers consider attraction and retention to be among their top five business challenges. This change in the labor market means the old ways of delivering Employee Benefits are no longer enough to increase retention. Employees now

Learn how LeiLani Quiray built a values-focused human resources business and how she redefines the industry while supporting vulnerable groups in building the skills that are necessary to be successful in today’s economy.

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Is there such a thing as a pain-free Open Enrollment? We think so.
Many employers are under the impression that they have their Open Enrollment process down, but studies show that about 41% of employees feel the Open Enrollment process at their company is extremely confusing. Benefit renewal happens to occur during the busiest time of the year: the holidays.

We’re rounding the corner to the last few weeks of the year. Don’t leave your Year-End Payroll to the last minute. Even if you’re a Year-End Payroll veteran, it can still be easy to overlook crucial steps. Sitting idle could be a big mistake, make sure you take action.
What is Year-End Payroll?
Year-End Payroll involves a careful review and

Many employees are currently feeling financially strained because of the impacts of inflation. The cost of everything has gone up in their lives — from the price of a chicken breast to a gallon of gas to healthcare. As Open Enrollment draws near and employees are poised to make their annual selections, we’re starting to see the impact inflation will

Open Enrollment is just around the corner and it seems like every company is trying to get their hands in your pocket. Whether it’s Payroll companies, software companies, retirement companies, plan vendors, or companies like ADP and Paychex, everyone has a “better solution” that they want to sell you. Upon closer examination, these “better solutions” all lack a piece that

You might think that hiring the wrong person is the most critical hiring mistake a company can make. It can result in poor quality work delivered to customers, dissatisfied clients, loss of reputation, internal theft, sexual harassment offenses, lawsuits and other problems…all things that can damage or destroy a company. So for any company that values its current and future

Employees are now ranking healthcare as more important than salary increases. With healthcare insurance premiums rising again this fall, employers are faced with a unique challenge: revisiting the balance between salary increases, compensation, and benefits. Remember, this is all happening in a competitive market in which employees are no longer as connected to the companies they work for.
With a

If you have a robust Human Resource Management (HRMS) tool, you could be missing out on the full benefits of technology and automation if you’re not adding your Employee Benefits management into it.
It might be surprising to hear but employees rank Employee Benefits as the number two reason they stay at or switch jobs. That’s right, Employee Benefits are

Mary lamented “Not even a cupcake”“After eight years of service, you would have thought they could have at least sprung for a cupcake.”It was Mary’s last day at work. She was leaving feeling that she wasn’t valued or cared for as an employee.In some organizations, rituals are part of the culture. They might be for occasions such as new team