Human Resources

Answer: The process for hiring a temporary employee is like hiring regular employees. You will post the position, go through a selection process, ensure all necessary new hire paperwork is completed, and onboard the temporary employee. Just be sure you’re clear in the job posting and during the interviews that the position is temporary. If […]

Dear (Boss’s Name), I am writing to bring your attention to a valuable resource for our HR professionals that I believe would be a beneficial investment for our organization. HR Girlfriends is an online platform that provides on-demand HR advice and resources to HR professionals. As you know, our HR department is responsible for managing […]

While the job description and the job posting are similar, in that they both outline the duties of the role and the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) needed to perform those duties, each has a different purpose. The job description is an internal document outlining the purpose of the role within the organization, the essential […]