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My first corporate job was at a large life insurance company as a clerk coding premium payments. I was 19-years-old. I’d only had a couple of other clerical jobs prior to getting this job and had never worked in a large organization.  As you can imagine, a job coding premium payments wasn’t particularly demanding. Each day, a pile of envelopes would

Imagine for a moment that you show up at work on a Monday and aren’t sure if you will still be employed on Tuesday. Think about what it must be like for individuals who are in the situation of experiencing job insecurity.Recent unemployment reports show that unemployment is finally creeping downward. Employers are still navigating the talent wars of finding

Do you have favorite products that you use all the time?Perhaps your computer, your phone, your tablet.Or a favorite piece of clothing.For me a favorite is my winter jacket. It is made by Patagonia. I bought this coat a couple of winters ago, thinking it will probably be the last time I buy an all-weather winter coat.I love this coat

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In this Expert Interview, AdvancingWellness CEO Mari Ryan is joined by thought leader consultant Victoria Doxat to discuss the topic of healthy communications in the workplace. Mari Ryan: Welcome to the Workplace Wellbeing Essential series, I’m Mari Ryan, I’m the CEO and founder of Advancing Wellness. It is my pleasure to welcome you today to this expert interview where we

Many people don’t even think about their health insurance plan until they get sick. The fact is, it also means many people aren’t getting the most out of their plans because they don’t know how to unlock hidden benefits. We firmly believe that a good health insurance plan can do something powerful for everybody. Even if you’re not sick or

When people ask me how I got into the field of workplace well-being, I quickly reply “I was a burned-out road warrior.”In the early 2000s, I was living on the road 100% of the time, for almost two years. I had 3,000-mile weeks and I had 6,000-mile weeks. One of the projects was an 11-month stint as a contractor at

As I walked the halls of my client’s organization, I sensed a buzz in the air. Everyone seemed to be talking about the same topic, but no two stories were the same. Gossip had taken over the workplace and very little work was being done. And yet, when I asked if I had missed an email, I was told, “No

 What do Oklahoma State University, The Motley Fool, Deloitte have in common?A few things. To start with, they are large organizations that employ lots of people.Another thing they have in common is they have a Chief Wellness Officer (CWO).  You might think this is the kind of job you would only find in a hospital or health care system. Any