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If you’ve worked with me over the past year then you’ve
likely had an opportunity to meet my assistant, Nikki Payne.  Nikki is the first point of contact a new client has with my office.  She walks you through my process, helps you with paperwork, and answers your initial questions.  As the case progresses she helps keep the case on

In some ways, this is an eye-crossingly boring decision, even for an insurance coverage geek like myself.  It relies on definitions found in negotiable instruments law.  Need I say more?  But, coverage issues aside, the real takeaway from this post is: Lawyers, beware! These scams are growing in sophistication and constant vigilance is required.    Law firm taken in by

 Following an arson fire in 2021 that destroyed a building owned by BAS Holding Corporation on the Brockton Fairgrounds, Philadelphia Insurance Company undertook an investigation that focused on whether the building was vacant, which would limit coverage.  As part of its investigation Philadelphia issued multiple document requests to BAS.  BAS cooperated fully and responded with over 700 documents.On June 16, 2021,

 So many people are talking about ChatGPT — the artificial intelligence content creator — that awareness of it has trickled down even to us attorneys, well-known to be late adopters of all technology.  I thought I’d give it a try.  I signed up for ChatGPT (which took several attempts, none of which were my fault, and included one message that

 Ken’s Foods, Inc. operates a manufacturing facility in Georgia.  In 2018 its wastewater treatment system malfunctioned and wastewater flowed into a Georgia tributary.  Ken’s Foods cleaned up and contained the pollution, incurring about $1 million in costs.Ken’s Foods also implemented a temporary wastewater treatment system that allowed it to continue its operations without interruption.  It spent over $2 million on

    Fire in apartment and tenants’ underlying lawsuit against landlordChester Robinson and Lorraine Hames were tenants in a multi-unit apartment building owned by Edward Toland and Cogavin Associates.  A fire forced them to move out. The tenants sued the landlords in Superior Court for negligence, breach of covenant of quiet enjoyment and violation of Mass. Gen. Laws ch.

 The webinar is on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 from 4 PM to 5:30 PM, and is co-sponsored by the Insurance Library and the Social Law Library.  You can register through this link.  Feel free to email me questions ahead of time and I’ll try to answer them in the webinar.I have a couple of comp tickets.  If you want