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 I am working with attorney Garrett Lee to put together a panel on diversity at insurance defense firms for the Boston Bar Association.  We have partners with hiring responsibility from three major insurance defense firms who will be speaking about what they look for when hiring young associates, and what they look for in retaining and promoting such associates.  How

The webinar will be on Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 2 PM.  You can sign up to attend here.  And here’s the description:Who hasn’t heard horror stories about condominium unit owners battling each other over tricycles left in common spaces or snap pea plants the guy in 3C had the nerve to plant in a flower garden?  In a

In Berry v. Commerce Insurance Company, 175 N.E.3d 383 (Mass. 2021), the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court held that a police officer who recklessly drove his vehicle into a fellow officer during a training day was not protected by the Massachusetts Torts Claim Act, even though the injured officer received workers compensation for the accident.Why does a discussion of this

The Representations and Warranties Insurance (RWI) marketplace has transitioned from being a buyer to a sellers’ market. This transition, due to the significant uptick in submissions and limited underwriter capacity, has spawned an increase in premiums, delayed underwriting process, and heightened sensitivity to areas of due diligence.
As we enter the 4th quarter of the year, the RWI marketplace is

Practice, I guess.  Universal Hub posted this article about Harvard University’s lawsuit against its excess carrier,* Zurich American Insurance Company, seeking reimbursement of costs in excess of the $25 million limit of its primary policy.  The costs were incurred in defending against the high-profile lawsuit alleging that Harvard’s admissions policies discriminate against Asian-American students.  In other words, Harvard has spent

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