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 On May 24, 2024, the Town of Braintree filed a lawsuit in Suffolk County Superior Court against fifteen insurers, as well as insurance companies Does 1 though 50, for refusing to defend and indemnify it in a massive wrongful conviction lawsuit.The Town alleges that the insurers have each either refused to acknowledge or outright denied their contractual obligations under liability

 Source One Financial Corporation sued Commerce Insurance Company and its adjuster in a dispute arising out of the value of a totaled vehicle.  Source One sought to amend the complaint by adding Commerce’s vehicle appraiser and her company as defendants, asserting that they exceeded their authority as appraisers and worked with Commerce to artificially suppress the value of the totaled

 I am pleased to say that reason has prevailed in the First Circuit.  I am generally pretty sanguine about insurance coverage decisions (except on my own cases, of course). I might disagree with the outcomes, but . . . the vagaries of the court system, yada yada yada.But every once in a great while I come across a decision that I

If you’ve worked with me over the past year then you’ve
likely had an opportunity to meet my assistant, Nikki Payne.  Nikki is the first point of contact a new client has with my office.  She walks you through my process, helps you with paperwork, and answers your initial questions.  As the case progresses she helps keep the case on

In some ways, this is an eye-crossingly boring decision, even for an insurance coverage geek like myself.  It relies on definitions found in negotiable instruments law.  Need I say more?  But, coverage issues aside, the real takeaway from this post is: Lawyers, beware! These scams are growing in sophistication and constant vigilance is required.    Law firm taken in by

 Following an arson fire in 2021 that destroyed a building owned by BAS Holding Corporation on the Brockton Fairgrounds, Philadelphia Insurance Company undertook an investigation that focused on whether the building was vacant, which would limit coverage.  As part of its investigation Philadelphia issued multiple document requests to BAS.  BAS cooperated fully and responded with over 700 documents.On June 16, 2021,

 So many people are talking about ChatGPT — the artificial intelligence content creator — that awareness of it has trickled down even to us attorneys, well-known to be late adopters of all technology.  I thought I’d give it a try.  I signed up for ChatGPT (which took several attempts, none of which were my fault, and included one message that