For small business owners, the phrase “HR Team” might sound a little expensive. If you were to create your own in-house team, you’d probably be right. But with an outsourced HR team, and more specifically our Basic: Culture Ops Package, you get a team of experts dedicated to creating a strong culture within your business for an affordable price. And the best part is, you can use us for however long you need us.

Culture is the character and personality of your company. It determines how your clients perceive you, the type of environment your employees operate in, and the overall productivity of the entire business. Cultivating a healthy and dynamic work culture that permeates the business from the top down should be a top priority for any business owner. But how do you create a successful culture?

It starts with you. Your goals, visions, work ethic, and your ability to empathize with clients and employees. But fostering your own positive attributes isn’t enough to instill a great business culture. You need a team that’s solely dedicated to creating and maintaining a positive culture for your business. In other words, the right HR team. 

In this article, we’ll outline what small business owners get from our basic package, and how it can help your business in the long run.


A diverse team of professionals with 175+ years of collective experience in Operations, People, Talent, and HR is what you get from the Culture Ops team. 

Every member of our Consultants of Service Team is certified and/or degreed in regard to HR and Business Operations. While our team is proud of their merits, they never stop learning and developing to stay ahead of ever-changing trends and practices. Being proactive is a core value of our Consultants. 

Our team also has extensive experience in supporting businesses with a strengths-based team approach. They evaluate the key strengths of your employees and identify how to develop them in a way that emphasizes their strong points. 

Vigilant Service

The Culture Ops: Basic Package comes with a dedicated team that you can rely on week in and week out, all for an affordable price. You’ll get unlimited access to our entire Consultants of Service Team via email and dedicated phone service. 

For more complex issues, you get Live and Virtual assistance when extensive help is required. That may be potential risks that our team has identified or employee relations issue that requires immediate solutions. 

In addition to unlimited access to our team, the Basic Package also comes with an annual Employee Handbook or Culture Operations Playbook to help employees get on the same page. These valuable tools will have you and your employees confident that you are compliant and culture-focused. 

Lastly, you will get quarterly check-ins with our CEO to make sure your relationship with Culture Ops is running smoothly and your company culture is heading in the right direction. 

Real Impact

The Basic Package delivers a real and significant impact on small businesses while remaining financially feasible. That means finding the best practices for your business to proactively promote a positive work culture. As well as reacting to any HR or employee needs with hands-on help the moment an issue comes up. 

Our proactive assistance will drive your People and Culture vision or initiatives to create HR-related solutions. We foster this with ongoing virtual updates and access to:

  • Monthly Legal Update with Legal Counsel
  • Monthly Access to Harassment Training
  • Monthly Access to Learning and Developmental Training Sessions
  • Monthly Culture Blast to be aware of best HR practices 

There’s also an impact that goes beyond the services we offer. When we work on a personal level with our clients, the purpose of their business vision is realized, their employees’ talent and development is optimized, and their entire HR process is finally streamlined. 

Want To Learn More About The Basic Package?

Reading about our basic package can only tell you so much. If you want a real sense of what your business will gain from working with Culture Ops, connect with us today! After all, what makes a great HR and People Operations team is the people behind it. We partner with companies and employees on a personal level, so it’s pretty important we should get to know each other first. 

And if you’re looking for something more than the Basic Package, check out our Full-Integration Package, or better yet, ask us directly. We look forward to connecting. 

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