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Blueshift IP is pleased to announce the release of its white paper “How AI Is Automating the Inventive Process and Its Impact on the Patent System,” authored by firm co-founder and software attorney Robert Plotkin. You can download your complimentary copy here.
Artificial intelligence technology is advancing at an incredibly rapid pace. Although recent developments have raised awareness

Robert Plotkin
Industries are finding new ways to use generative AI to improve the way they conduct business, and the legal industry is no exception. Blueshift IP co-founder and software patent expert Robert Plotkin was recently interviewed by Managing IP to provide comment on how law firms could consider using generative AI tools in their practices.
Titled “Generative AI Prompts

Robert Plotkin
Automation has created efficiencies across industries, but how will this technology impact the legal profession? Blueshift IP co-founder Robert Plotkin joined Steve Fretzin as a guest on the BE THAT LAWYER podcast to talk about the future of practicing law in an automated world. The BE THAT LAWYER podcast offers practical tips, fresh ideas, and new methodologies for

Robert Plotkin
Blueshift IP’s Robert Plotkin joined host Mehmet Gonullu on the podcast The CTO Show with Mehmet to discuss the impact of AI on innovation and the patent system, the potential for AI to replace creative professionals, and the skills necessary for thriving in an AI-driven world.
The CTO Show with Mehmet covers the latest tech news and trends,

Blueshift IP’s Robert Plotkin was interviewed by the New York Times for a story on the potential for artificial intelligence to disrupt the legal industry. Robert was quoted on the ability of the latest generative language models, such as those used by ChatGPT, to generate natural language text and the potential impact of this on the work of lawyers and other

Quantum computing is starting to gain mainstream acceptance because of its capability to revolutionize our way of processing information while safeguarding critical data through quantum-safe cryptography solutions. This technology is set to transform many industries, and forward-thinking companies are preparing to reap its benefits. Yet few attorneys and legal departments are prepared to grapple with the complex legal issues raised by

Receiving a Notice of Allowance for your patent application is only the beginning of the end of examination of the application. Several additional decisions and actions need to be taken before your patent application will be granted as a patent.
In this episode, Cynthia Gilbert, a software patent attorney and co-founder of the law firm Blueshift IP explains the options