Divorce Transition Coaching: Katy Goshtasbi

Divorce, like any other change you face in your life, can feel not only sad but also scary as you navigate through the unknown waters of life.
I’ve been down this very same road myself.  I know how it feels to be so unsure, unclear and not ready for the changes that divorce brings.  The

By Jen Segura
So, I do not consider myself a movie buff (whatever that is…), but there are certain movies, shows, mini-series, etc., that is SO well done. Until much later, you may not even realize how amazing it is or the lessons you took from it, until much later. I know that This Is Us (a series) is not

Entering into any divorce typically puts couples in a defensive state of mind. Understandable since our society has depicted divorce as an adversarial process. However, divorce can be a collaborative event in which each party contributes their feelings, thoughts, and hopes for the future of their relationship. When couples have an initial consultation, many of them have questions regarding the

By Lauren Kominkiewicz
Values are a set of beliefs we hold onto and fall back on whenever we speak or act. They are – or should be – at the root of every decision we make and the lens through which we see the world. After a year of substantial growth, we at West Coast Family Mediation Center sat down

Parenting teenagers is a different ball game. You may feel as though you are talking to a wall who occasionally replies in “bruh” or some intense eye-rolling. Teenagers have a mind of their own, and they aren’t typically shy about letting you know exactly what they are feeling. Divorce or parental separation can be especially tough on a teenager who