California Family Law: Suspended Divorce Explained
Divorce is often seen as a definitive end to a marriage, but in California, there’s a lesser-known option that allows couples to navigate separation while maintaining certain legal benefits of marriage. This approach is known as a “suspended divorce.”
In essence, a suspended divorce is a normal divorce proceeding in California where the couple

New California Child Support Laws in 2024
As we continue into 2024, California’s child support laws are undergoing significant changes that will reshape the landscape for families across the state, including right here in San Diego.
At San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law, we’re committed to helping you understand these updates, their implications, and how they might affect your

Child Support in California: The Guide
I am Scott Levin, the lead attorney mediator at San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law. Many people ask me about child support in California. I have been a divorce lawyer for over 20 years. Child support is a crucial issue for my clients.
I assist clients in understanding how child support is calculated

Litigation can be time-consuming and expensive – especially when it comes to divorce. If you are interested in ending your marriage efficiently while shielding yourself and your children from the emotional impact of going to court, mediation can be a great option.
In many cases, mediation can provide a settlement that allows both parties to feel like they obtained a

Attorney Scott Levin shares how teaching California family law courses to law school students enhances his legal expertise, benefiting clients with improved knowledge and skills. Scott is as an adjunct professor of community property law at Western Sierra Law School in Oceanside, San Diego. Scott is sharing personal thoughts on the transformational experience of teaching.
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