When people have a consultation with us or reach out to work with us one question often asked is “what makes West Coast Family Mediation Center different than other mediators in town?” This seemed like a good question to answer when discussing property, assets, and debts and how a mediator can help.  
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At West Coast Family Mediation Center,

Directions for Using Dropbox
Dropbox is a cloud-based storage platform that you may have already encountered in your day-to-day life on the internet. Many businesses today, ours included, use Dropbox to securely store files and allow clients an easy way to upload necessary documents without having to provide hard copies. This usually takes the form of two possible approaches: accessing

California child support covers only ordinary day-to-day living expenses for a child. The guideline formula considers the incomes of both parties, the number of children, and the timeshare that each parent has the child(ren) along with other deductions that come into play when calculating child support. The timeshare is an important factor because if one parent has the child(ren)