Replacement Cost. What it is and what you need to know.
It’s easy to think, “I know what my building is worth, so that’s the coverage I need.” Unfortunately, that is incorrect! While you may know the market valuation of your property, you may not know what it would take to rebuild. These costs aren’t tied to your building’s market

    Fire in apartment and tenants’ underlying lawsuit against landlordChester Robinson and Lorraine Hames were tenants in a multi-unit apartment building owned by Edward Toland and Cogavin Associates.  A fire forced them to move out. The tenants sued the landlords in Superior Court for negligence, breach of covenant of quiet enjoyment and violation of Mass. Gen. Laws ch.

 The webinar is on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 from 4 PM to 5:30 PM, and is co-sponsored by the Insurance Library and the Social Law Library.  You can register through this link.  Feel free to email me questions ahead of time and I’ll try to answer them in the webinar.I have a couple of comp tickets.  If you want

What Are PFAS?
Per-and polyfluoralkyl substances (PFAS)—ominously described by some as “forever chemicals” and others as the “mother of toxic torts”—are becoming common household words. As Miller Nash’s Environmental Team explained, PFAS are a group of long-lasting chemicals that are present in everything from cookware to food packaging to firefighting foam and in the blood of 97% of Americans. Exposure

What Are “Take-Home COVID” Claims?
“Take-home COVID” claims are claims brought against an employer by the spouse or child of an employee who caught COVID-19 in the workplace and brought it home, infecting a spouse or child and causing injuries. These claims are controversial because employees that are injured in the workplace are generally prohibited by workers’ compensation laws from