I am pleased to say that reason has prevailed in the First Circuit.  I am generally pretty sanguine about insurance coverage decisions (except on my own cases, of course). I might disagree with the outcomes, but . . . the vagaries of the court system, yada yada yada.But every once in a great while I come across a decision that I

When individuals consider their financial future, it’s common to wonder about life insurance. Life insurance primarily provides financial security for dependents and beneficiaries in the event of a person’s death. But if you have no dependents, do you still need life insurance?

Honest life insurance brokers or agents who wish to sell you life insurance will tell you it depends

Jim Harbaugh was recently named as the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers.  Prior to that, he had served as head coach of the University of Michigan Football team, and, in addition to leading the team to a national championship, had been the face of split-dollar arrangements for high-earning employees at non-profit organizations for the past few years.  



If you’ve worked with me over the past year then you’ve
likely had an opportunity to meet my assistant, Nikki Payne.  Nikki is the first point of contact a new client has with my office.  She walks you through my process, helps you with paperwork, and answers your initial questions.  As the case progresses she helps keep the case on

Cyber attacks have become an increasingly prevalent threat to businesses of all sizes and industries. These attacks can result in significant financial loss, legal liabilities, and damage to a company’s reputation. The need for cyber liability insurance cannot be overstated, as it provides coverage and protection against the various risks associated with cyber attacks. In this article, we will explore

Compliance is a critical aspect of running a successful cannabis retail business. In the cannabis industry, compliance refers to adhering to state and local regulations, laws, and requirements regarding the cultivation, production, and sale of cannabis products. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, compliance is becoming increasingly important, and failing to comply with regulations can lead to serious

In some ways, this is an eye-crossingly boring decision, even for an insurance coverage geek like myself.  It relies on definitions found in negotiable instruments law.  Need I say more?  But, coverage issues aside, the real takeaway from this post is: Lawyers, beware! These scams are growing in sophistication and constant vigilance is required.    Law firm taken in by

 Following an arson fire in 2021 that destroyed a building owned by BAS Holding Corporation on the Brockton Fairgrounds, Philadelphia Insurance Company undertook an investigation that focused on whether the building was vacant, which would limit coverage.  As part of its investigation Philadelphia issued multiple document requests to BAS.  BAS cooperated fully and responded with over 700 documents.On June 16, 2021,

In today’s digital landscape, small business owners face a growing risk that could potentially disrupt their operations and tarnish their reputation: Cyber Threats. With cybercriminals becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is essential for small businesses to adopt proactive measures to protect their sensitive information and customer data. One such measure is investing in cyber liability insurance. In this blog post, we