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It’s a dream for many women: become financially secure. How do you measure your financial health? What steps can you take to improve it? This webinar will address how advisors analyze your wealth, steps to a secure retirement, and understanding net worth. Darcy Smoot, a Chartered Financial Analyst, presents. Her insights can help women of all financial backgrounds improve their

Shakespeare advised in Hamlet, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” 400 years later, a lot of people agree with him. Mixing debt with personal relationships not only damages those relationships but also makes it hard to balance our own accounts. 

But is it really that simple? Are there situations in which it is wise to give a friend or

The conventional way for Americans to save for retirement is through a 401(k) offered by their employer. However, this leaves a lot of people out, such as people working jobs without retirement benefits, freelancers, and small business owners. Yet people in this situation still need to retire someday. How can you save for retirement without an employer-provided 401(k)? While IRAs

The financial advice you may hear on the news may not be the best way to build a your financial future. Successful long-term investors have to know how to make decisions based on fact, not emotion. This webinar will address choosing the right vehicles to invest in, recognizing opportunities for investment, and having patience to see those investments grow. Alec

One of the biggest items in most budgets is transportation. Owning a car is expensive, first in initial costs, and later in upkeep. So one common money-saving tip is to buy a cheaper car. Instead of an expensive new car, you could buy a cheap used car that barely drives. By giving up luxury, you could save thousands. Or could

As a business grows, owners have to balance multiple competing goals. On the one hand, you want to maximize profits, but on the other, you don’t want to lose too much to taxes. You also don’t want to lose key employees because they’re undercompensated. Your owner compensation is an important factor to consider. This webinar will address business structures, tax

For those of us not interested in picking individual stocks, funds are a great solution. Someone else chooses exactly how to invest the fund, and all you have to do is buy one product. Two popular types of funds are actively managed mutual funds and index funds. Today, we’ll look into the similarities and differences between them.

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